Aims of Gay Mafia Watch

It’s about time the LGBT community had a devil’s advocate questioning the banquet products and the lifestyle we are increasingly being sold. Is it all as good as it smells?

There’s a darker, seedy underworld emerging that’s hell-bent on getting as many pink pounds as they can legally extort from us in as many creative and attractive ways possible. Say hello to GAY GREED.

So who are they? Britain’s Gay Mafia is made up of an elite class of businessmen, entrepreneurs and politicians in cahoots with Multinational Corporations and dodgy underground figures. The Gay Mafia as a term has many historic and contemporary connotations but the mafia-style, aggressive culture of the gay scene, the media and even a number of corrupt non-profit bodies is more visible than ever.

Rest assured, no stone will be left unturned in our mission to OUT and EXPOSE – The Gay Mafia.


7 Responses to Aims of Gay Mafia Watch

  1. Carmen76 says:

    Admirable goals. No doubt once you guys get noticed the gay gestapo will be on here leaving comments to defend their shady crimes! Keep up the good work, it’s very important.

  2. Andy says:

    I know this is a fledgling site, but well done on setting it up and I hope to see it grow and gain the audience it needs to expose what’s been going on for a very long time.

    I used to write for the gay media – magazines like the now-defunct Lowdown, Axiom, Boyz, Attitude (the last being straight-owned, of course) and can tell many stories that would shock and distress of how vulture-like rich men see opportunities to market and basically abuse young gay men and lesbians. Not only that, but bear in mind the rates these magazines and publishing groups pay – if you don’t know, they ALWAYS plead ‘poverty through minority’ and yet earn shedloads of money, and pay appalling hourly sums to freelancers who, by being freelance, have no rights.

    They love a nice bit of slave labour, and prefer to apply the motto Think Pretty when it comes to who they employ and feature.

    I’ll give you a gem, for free: some years back, Attitude was to feature a fabulous picture of Elton John in drag. Senior heads at Northern & Shell said the cover was ‘too gay’ and at the last minute demanded a pic of Robbie Williams with his shirt off instead. The editor duly complied – he had no choice.

    It’s just one example of why I am SO glad to have left that world behind me. No more chasing payments for work completed to deadline and very much approved of, no more meetings with sleazy old men with bad skin wanting more chicken for their dollar…

    I shall bookmark this site on my own, and come back. So keep up the good work! xx

  3. Andy says:

    But then, you really should turn the spotlight on Attitude: now there’s a magazine with an agenda so shallow you can’t swim through it… x

  4. The Gays says:

    This didn’t last long did it. Looks like Naff Naff Queen Queen has stolen your thunder. Shame.

  5. Don’t worry “The Gays” – there’s no need for you to prophesie the innacurate impending demise of Gay Mafia Watch!

    This is an ongoing project with many supporters and we’re busy researching new stories and getting on with our lives.

    I notice you’re posting from a computer in the QSoft Consulting (owners of Gaydar and Rainbow Network who as it office stands we don’t have any dirt or beef on whatsoever other than the dubious sponsorship of ‘Gay Youth Corner!’ as mentioned in our article on Pufta office…. You might not have realised but WordPress are very good at identifying those who post comments on our blog. Nice to see were hitting home. Hope you guys check back soon for our new assortment of articles.

  6. Gay Mafia watch has my support!

    You might want to turn your attention to the Intercom Trust based in Exeter. An organisation selling out gay people and with its tongue so far up the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary, it brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘rimming’!

    Intercom Trust has turned its back on gay people in Cornwall who have been victims of institutional abuse. Including a previously homeless 15yr old gay youth in Cornwall.

    Intercom have also started to re-write lgbt history in the south west, cutting out any who do not conform to ‘their’ idea of gayness.

    Check out these videos, all on gay themes, mainly raising awareness of the continuing problem of HOMOPHOBIC attitudes & practises of Cornwall police.

  7. Freddie says:

    Is this excellent site going to be covering the scandal that is our so called gay men’s sexual health charities, namely The Terrence Higgins Trust and Gay Men Fighting AIDS (GMFA)? Having read the extraordinarily compelling ‘Aids Inc. Uncovered’ section on ( – which I would advise every gay man to read – and borne witness first-hand to the deplorable and self-serving antics of many of the PC fascists who infest these organizations and who are taking gay men’s health down with them, this issue should be receiving far greater exposure. We are, after all, talking about our health, well-being, and even lives. does that pale in comparison to the exploiters of the pink pound like Millivres and Gaydar, which your site doing well to expose? Come on GayMafiaWatch – let’s see you tackle the ultimate scandal in our midst…

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