Equality For Sale!

Thank you to an annonymous  GayMafiaWatch reader for providing us with more detailed information on the dirty dealings going between some of Britain’s Biggest Companies and corrupt gay and lesbian rights group Stonewall.

Considering the immense level of human resources available to the majority of the companies listed as “Britains Top Gay-friendly” employers it’s not surprising they have met the “Strict Criteria” required to become “Diversity Champions”. Once they’ve downloaded and signed the online application the only other requirement is a small payment to Stonewall of £1,500+VAT (£2,000+VAT for the Private Sector).

As we suspected, if you’ve got the money and the nerve, you can now BUY yourself an equality badge courtesy of Stonewall…. and if you’ve not got the money but you’re dedicated to equality in your workplace as an employer then you better get those profits up so you can give them all to Stonewall. Considering their (very much needing an update) Education for All website that was set up to save all the poor little gay child victims of homophobic bullying costs them over £500 a month just to keep online (let’s see those tears-a-rolling!) you have no excuse!

If you’re looking to recruit some fresh blood to your corporate empire, willing to work for peanuts and eager to work for an employer that “embraces diversity” at any cost then you might be interested in having a stall at the forthcoming ‘Stonewall Gay Youth Conference”. If you’re not keen on being there yourself incase one of the nasty gays pounces on your during a toilet break then you might like to be a sponsor instead. Just £10,000 a month can ensure there will be enough perier available to ensure Stonewall keep fighting homophobic bullying in our schools for a whole half-term.



3 Responses to Equality For Sale!

  1. Ta55er_5teve says:

    I am appalled. Faith in Stonewall gone right out of the window. How dare they make money out of the community like this!!

  2. Louise says:

    What a bloody cheek, after all the money they get they have the nerve to ask us for more and then go and blow it on these expensive campaigns that dont really make any difference. Stonewall need to come on to this website and explain themselves.

  3. Tony says:

    At long last, this organisation of middle class ‘New Labour’ Queens is being exposed. I’ve said for years, there is a gay Mafia who control everything and grab all the glory for themselves whilst basking in the riches and expense accounts their work brings. I named this the ‘GAFIA’ (gay mafia) and it is present in all GLBT organisations, and more so with the ‘Pride’ events.

    Stonewall only commands any form of oblic attention becua they have the years behind them – there is a need for a new campaigning organisation who will take direct actions and fight for the equality we have a right to.

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