Youth Workers slam “Puffta”

As a result of last years GayMafiaWatch expose and a backlash to it’s badly-handled outreach into the community, Youth Workers from around the country have slammed Millivres Prowler’s “Puffta” website. Numerous professionals who run services and groups for LGBT young people have decided to remove links on their websites of the tabloid-style magazine aimed at young gay men which sells discounted poppers and explicit DVDs, advocates steroid use and promotes ‘the body beautiful’ stereotype which has been blamed as being the source of spiralling rates of poor mental wellbeing and high-risk behaviour.

Schools Out! The Lesbian and Gay Teachers group, known more recently for it’s launch of LGBT History Month and tackling homophobic bullying in schools has removed the link from it’s interactive Student Toolkit which was recently launched at a high profile event at the House of Commons. Posting in the National Youth Workers News Group, “Huw” – a youth worker in Peterborough and a member of Schools out said the link to Puffta was removed because it distracted from the good work being done by other, genuine, credible organisations. Positive Nation Magazine also featured Puffta last year and was faced with a barrage of letters from readers complaining about Puffta’s graphic imagery.

The lead youth worker at Gay and Lesbian Youth In Calderdale said “I only recently came upon Puffta because it was included in a link on Schools Out and had a look at it. I certainly would not put a link to it on any of the websites I am involved in (and have told Schools Out). There are many excellent websites for LGBT young people set up by LGBT youth groups around the country.”

Jean Wright who has set up a number of LGBT Youth projects across London over a period of 20 years and now works as a sexual health nurse in Lewisham also came across our article and had this to say “I am outraged at the style Puffta has chosen to imitate in it’s attempts to produce a resource aimed at young gay men”. “I have written to Millivres Prowler Group explaining the damage they are doing by targeting young gay men with these types of messages and the consequences individual face as a result”. “Marketing Puffta to an impressionable audience alongside mail-order sites that sell poppers and material that seems to promote steroids, bareback sex and reckless behaviour is extremely irresponsible”.

GayMafiaWatch view this response from the community as a positive result. The next step is one for the Millivres Prowler Group to take. It seems the way forward is for Millivres Prowler to divert it’s immense resources back into the community as opposed to it’s current tactic of simply stomping all over the existing support and groups out there that it could instead be publicising and working in partnership with.

In it’s own words (“Our Values” – on their website)  the comapny says it aimes to “behave ethically by being professional, honest and fair and to act with integrity at all times in building close, secure and lasting relationships.”

As it stands right now this is simply not true.

* Millivres Prowler Group (MPG) is the largest gay and lesbian business own Puffta along with the Pink Paper, AXM, the Gay Times, DIVA, a national chain of adult stores and a worlwide distribution network of various porn publications, magazines and books.


5 Responses to Youth Workers slam “Puffta”

  1. Growler says:

    Is it possible to push one stereotypical ‘lifestyle’ in the way they do AND be ‘socially responsible’? I would say no.

    The article about ‘a gays’ and steroids made me feel almost physically sick. Skincare, detox, hairdressing, travel, entertainment obsession, abs and getting in shape. Lazy, lazy crap from cynical and perhaps rather stupid people.

    I just hope that young LGBTs can see through this. I would love to see our community turn on shallow valueless companies like this and tell them exactly where to stick it.

  2. Lowfi says:

    Puffta’s affiliaton with MPG’s mail order services does not promote bareback sex in any way shape or form. Mail order sites in the UK cannot sell sexually explicit filmed material and the two affiliated sites, Prowler Direct and Diva Direct do not sell anything stronger than a UK 18.

  3. Andrew says:

    Up until a year ago I worked for MPG and I can safely say they do not promote bareback sex in any way. The opposite is true. They always promote safe sex.
    But they do promote the Body Beautiful – I am a larger build and could never buy any of the underwear as they did not get the bigger sizes. The biggest they had was a 36″ Waist.

  4. reason says:

    MPG appear to be have internal issues as all their websites post to their web hosting company. Perhaps they took offence at the Bareback material, and sex toys pusged to under 18s on Puffta

  5. Darren says:

    I use to like puffta not been on there for years the site is very hard to navigat can really do your head in

    love you site by the way

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