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GayMafiaWatch on the Lesbian and Gay Foundation (LGF)

There comes a time when gay charities get too big for the boots they’ve bought and need to make a decision, take the money, all of it and run or refuse it, share it and keep to their principles instead. Not so long ago in a town called Manchester one such group once called the Manchester Gay Switchboard got hitched to the Council and NHS run condom shop “Healthy Gay Manchester” and formed a love-child named the Lesbian and Gay Foundation (also known as the LGF). Now based at it’s enlarged towering headquarters (owned by a well known Glaswegian ex-gangster) several storeys above the rest of us on top of the former Hollywood Showbar on Princess Street, the LGF has been accused of throwing what’s left of it’s principles out of the proverbial window.

It becomes apparent after a few conversations with anyone you speak to at the LGF that they themselves as workers or volunteers are so very aware of any potential for criticism or public scrutiny. They become outrageously defensive and have a tendancy to over-justify every single piece of work to the latter degree as if there already is an ulterior motive or hidden agenda as yet undisclosed. It nearly always seems that is infact the case, and there is now a long and grubby history attributed to the LGF’s past conduct that has left it tarnished and un-trusted.

One major criticism of the charity is it’s failure to re-brand and readdress it’s title to include the Bisexual and Transgendered community. We’ve heard that the use of any umbrella term than LGB such as “queer” is a dirty deed within Princess House and as such it won’t be going down that road despite pressure from the community. The LGF seems strangely torn between using what have become exclusionary phrases “Lesbian and Gay” or “LGB” instead of the inclusive option of “LGBT” and has been accused of undermining and ignoring anything that does not directly concern Lesbians (gay women) or Gay Men. Stonewall also suffers this “problem with image”. It’s difficult to maintain contact with the public at large by using such politicised and volatile terms which could put the LGF’s funders and political supporters at some unease. So instead of upsetting the fat cats, the LGF has chosen to exclude and alienate a large part of the LGBT community in quite a significant way.

Former staff, volunteers and supporters claim the LGF suffers from so much critism and mistrust due to it’s devious-looking involvement with Manchester Pride, the city’s annual LGBT pride festival that has had a rather turbulent past itself (See the Manchester Pride Investigation for more details). Controversy surrounding the event and it’s meaning, organisation and unfair distribution of funds to smaller charities and groups gains momentum nearly every year, and now the organisers of the event have become increasingly smart of deflecting and deflating it’s critics. The LGF’s new found monopoly on “Regional Reporting” for the national gay media ensures that absolutely no negative press or criticism of Manchester Pride and it’s related projects ever reach the community at large. Both the regional correspondents for the Pink Paper are also senior members of staff at the LGF. They don’t do very much “regional reporting” and are clearly abusing their opportunity to selfishly prioritise promotion and publicity for their own projects and events instead of others in the region.

The biggest and most serious accusation (other than possibly being involved in charity fraud through it’s position in Manchester Pride) the LGF still faces is of being a bully and “swallowing up” smaller groups and services, as well as befriending newly established groups in need of resources (which the LGF then claims credit for their work at a later date) is one which it denies strongly but painfully as plenty of examples can be given to prove this is infact the case time and time again. Gaydio, Albert Kennedy Trust, Lesbian Community Project, Out and About, the Village Charity, Black LGBT Group, Peer Support Project, Manchester Switchboard are all organisations that have either been forced to shut, absorbed in the LGF’s sphere of influence or forced to minimise the amount of work they carry out due to the LGF’s attempts to subvert their funding streams and establish rival services.

It’s hard to understand why the organisation continues to absorb and prevent the work of so many established but poorly funded groups other than to grow and expand and justify it’s own questionable existence. This type of behaviour always has consequences and the community which the LGF claims it exists to support will quite rightly begin to question it. As a result, a lot of whistle-blowing is going on in Princess House – the LGF’s headquarters in Manchester’s Gay Village… Our Google Analytics page tells GayMafiaWatch that we’ve had many visits from within the building via the LGF’s own Intranet system.. We know you are out there! and if you’ve got something you need to get off your chest then drop us a line, otherwise… watch this space because we’re coming for you next….


6 Responses to Crumbling Foundation

  1. Good Grief…its sounds just like the Bloody Intercom Truss in Devon…which has marginalised & osatracised so many lesbian & gay people who had been voluntarily pushing forwards gay equality & other lgbt issues unfunded for decades.

    Many individual vetran lesbian & gay campaigners are just giving up, as their voices are not heard & gay history is being re-written by Intercom, sanitised, wiping out the contribution these dedicated gay persons have made over years without funding or resources.

    Intercom Truss only wants the ‘RIGHT’ sort of lgbt people now involved & heard within their projects, those who will nod, go ‘Baaa’, and not dare speak against abuses carried out against gay people from within their funding buddy chum organisations like Cornwall County Council & Devon & Cornwall Constabulary

    …and God help any gay man, gay women or gay youth abused & violated by Institutional homophobia from within police or county councils, because the Intercom Truss will slide up beside them and metaphorically slit their gay throats from behind…et tu brutus style!

    Intercom Truss has sold out a lot of gay people for thirty pieces of Institutional silver.

  2. Sadly many regional LGBT groups have been influenced and taken over by the so called central “Gay Mafia” and it seems the Intercom Trust is part of their empire too.

    If you can post any more specific examples of foul play in regards to your experiences please do so.

  3. rikki says:

    that’s appalling. i knew something wasn’t right when i started seeing the same faces and names working at the lgf who also work in other village establishments with connections to the manchester criminal underworld. there is a very dark aspect here you are doing very well in uncovering. the truth is really out there. well done gay mafia watchers. keep investigating!

  4. […] World AIDS Day, and to celebrate the Lesbian and Gay Foundation have decided to throw in some free advertising for gay escort websites that promote bareback porn […]

  5. Further info about the homophobic Intercom Trust based in Devon…

    They have decided to expunge Henry Scott Tuke from an LGBT History project. Tuke, a famous iconic artist from Cornwall, founder member of the Newlyn school of Art.

    see video:-

    Intercom Trust have branded Tuke’s work as Peadophilic and by logical proxy those who exhibit, collect or his works as collectors of peadophilia…this includes the Scouting Association, the National Tate Gallery, Royal Cornwall Museum & Sir Elton John???

    The intercom Trust are the same organisation which turned their back on a former 15 yr old homeless gay youth who was repeatedly abused by Cornwall police & Cornwall County Council employees.

    see video:-

    Intercom Trust are also complicite in covering up further abuses by Cornwall police

    see video:-

  6. Individual says:


    […]Crumbling Foundation « Gay Mafia Watch[…]…

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