You’ve Beanz Had!

Heard the one about the homophobic mayonnaise?

GayMafiaWatch feels duty-bound to inform the truth-hungry British Public of yet another questionable partnership and possible scam concerning the self-titled “leading gay rights group” Stonewall and a major multinational company.

You’ve got it hand it to Stonewall, they must have headhunted some of the best PR talent in Westminster to dream this one up. Our sources tell us that it’s been a busy week for Stonewall, the shady, corporate-run “gay-rights lobby group” who have spent all week issuing obscure press releases urging 3.6 million gay and lesbian people to boycott the entire Heinz product range because the famous baked bean manufacturer withdrew a television advert for mayonnaise featuring a gay couple even though Heinz still actually produced, filmed and paid thousands to be aired several times over before they took it off.

Campbells Soup & Branston Beans = Same Company

Campbells Soup & Branston Beans = Same Company

Beanz Meanz Money

At the weekend, Stonewall’s appearance in this years London Gay Pride March (which also endured many embarrasing jeers and heckles from transgender rights activists opposed to Stonewall’s lack of inclusion) appears to have been supported by, if not financially sponsored by Heinz’s biggest global competitor – Premier Foods.

“Canned vegetables represent the largest sector of the UK canned foods market, with retail sales of £528m equating to a 26.5% share of the market in 2007.” “Branston’s arrival in the baked beans sector in November 2005 had a significant impact and spurred activity from Heinz, which traditionally dominates the sector. Premier Foods launched Branston baked beans claiming that, in comparison with Heinz, they contain 20% more tomatoes and were rated more highly in blind taste tests.” – ( Source: Financial Content – Market Data: Canned Foods )

Bouncing around the streets of London with their head-queen – Sir Ian McKellen with his Stonewall “staff” holding red and white signs scrawled with anti-Heinz slogans were a small group of their supporters dressed up ridiculously as tins of red and white Campbell’s Soup – owned by Premier Foods who just happen to be Stonewall Enemy of the week – Heinz’s fiercest rival.

Boycott one brand, sponsored by the other...

Boycott one brand, sponsored by the other...

From the people acting in the interests of the “Lesbian and Gay” community once again, is this tie-up with Premier Foods merely a coincidence? No chance, Stonewall have managed to invent a whole new, but repulsively separate system of partnership registration instead of pushing for what the large majority of other gay rights groups wanted – legal same sex marriage. Stonewall’s sponsors and board members are dominated by FTSE 100, or huge trans-global corporate multinationals and those who have connections to them. It is clearly a breach of conflict of interests by launching a campaign against one company and then appearing in public to then support the brands and products of it’s rival. Once again Stonewall’s been sleeping around for some spells to cast.

Beanz Meanz Sponsorship

Beanz Meanz Sponsorship

Let’s have a toast to Stonewall for this superbly played out publicity stunt. It looks like Sir Ian is up for another “Best Supporting Actor” nomination. Although who can say who’s “rings” he’s been “the lord of” to pull this one off.

We’ve lifted the lid and now the truth is “out of the can”.

We’ve “Beanz Had”!


4 Responses to You’ve Beanz Had!

  1. DevilDarling says:

    Why is Sir Ian McKellen always held up as “head queen” at these stupid parades? Is he the dark demon behind the gay mafia Illuminati? He seems to be a patron and spokesperson and no doubt has a lot of rich and powerful friends who use him as a puppet to rip-off the gay community! Watching the parade on saturday I was really shocked to see the main focus of stonewalls march the stupid heinz boycott and am even more shocked to read this article and see the picture of them with campbells soup!! I didn’t notice them on the day. I think you should also do a story on the transgender protest against stonewall that took place and apparently they got right up to McKellen’s face demanding for Stonewall to be inclusive of trans people.

  2. Helen G says:

    Is this for real?

    I mean, I know Stonewall aren’t interested in trans* people – you only have to look at the header slogan on their website to know that – but all this stuff about canned food companies?

    Why all the bickering? Why this complete lack of concern for trans* people’s interests? It sometimes seems that we’re just marginalised and Othered at every single opportunity by the world and her sister – even officials at Pride discriminated and harassed a trans woman. And no, mumbled apologies 3 days later just don’t cut it.

    Stop the world, I want to get off…

  3. Starry Eyed Surprise says:

    well done gay mafia watch for revealing this to the public. how did no one see through this? considering all the recent fuss surrounding the julie bindel transphobia stuff and the protest outside the stonewall awards causing Ben Summerskill himself to refuse to take away her nomination on the grounds that it would be a “publicity stunt” it seems he is guilty of that already!

    gay shame on you stonewall

    you cannot silence the voice of the dissent

    you cannot manipulate the minds of the people

  4. Ian Laughlin says:

    All this is doubtless true – Stonewall, after all, has a long history of fitting in with government and busienss interests, but that does not of itself mean that a boycott of Heinz is of itself not useful. For starters, Heinz is a large corporation with global reach. According to a report on the progressive website Common Dreams: it has undermined smaller producers and has a generally deleterious effect on the world of food and farming.

    Heinz appear to have a relatively stormy relationship with the Trade Union movement and not a spectacular record on workers’ rights. This is doubtless true of their competitors as well, and an argument in favour of avoiding a wide variety of corporations.

    From a strictly gay point of view, a Heinz boycott can counter the genuinely homophobic activities of the religious right-wing, whose pressure appears to have compelled Heinz to withdraw the “kiss” advertisement in the first place: A spritited and sustained response from the LGBT communities can demonstrate to all that we will defend ourselves and helps undermine the morale of the opposition. We need not necessarily endorse Stonewall’s policies to pursue these ends.

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