Media Tactics launched against Stonewall Awards Protest

gay_media_trust1 Just two days before their annual awards ceremony at the Victoria and Albert Museum is set to be besieged by coach loads of angry trans activists, “gay lobby group” Stonewall are once again up to their dirty tricks and have enlisted the former Gay Times editor and henchwoman of the “Soho Gay Mafia”in an attempt to distract the more independent gay and mainstream press away from Thursday’s demonstrations.

At 11am on Tuesday 4th November 2008 “Head Lesbian” Vicky Powell rushed out the following news release from Stonewall’s London office with the headline “Lesbians find sexism a bigger barrier to work success than homophobia” – a news release which GayMafiaWatch believes is the start of a “damage limitation” exercise orchestrated by Stonewall bosses with the assistance of their gay media monopoly friends.

Unable to cope with the demand on their press office flooded with complaints and faced with a very large public protest outside the event after they controversially nominated a Transphobia Lesbian Feminist for their “Journalist of the Year” award – it seems Stonewall’s plan of action includes promoting sexism as a bigger issue than homophobia and no doubt any other specific oppression against the LGBT community. This press release has been sent out for no other purpose but a direct attempt to sabotage and divert attention away from the protests in a few days time and possibly win over as many lesbians and women to their array of invented and false projects this press release talks of.


Then there’s Vicky Powell herself who left Gay Times in October 2006 to join Stonewall and has since very rarely (if ever) sent out a press release on behalf of Stonewall (it is virtually always Gary Nunn). So professional is dear Vicky that she fatally (not for the first time!) forgot to “blind copy” the recipients of the press release email, revealing every single one of their press contacts, a serious breach of confidentiality and privacy to say the least!

How cynical this appears, just because this story is about women it gets sent out by a woman. It seems like poor Vicky is a victim of Stonewall’s own sexist attitudes as she only gets to have her name on something if it relates to Lesbians otherwise it’s left to Nunn. She hasn’t released anything from Stonewall since January 2007, Garry Nunn sends stuff out on an almost weekly basis.

“It’s no surprise therefore that Britain’s two million lesbians remain almost invisible at work.” Interviewees pointed to a lack of openly gay women in the workplace” – commented Ruth Hunt, Stonewall’s head of policy. – Maybe that’s because they all work for Stonewall!


2 Responses to Media Tactics launched against Stonewall Awards Protest

  1. Sitcom Sam says:

    I am not surprised at this in the slightest. All of the stories I ever see coming out of Stonewall’s headquarters have always been about some kind of fix up between them and some multinational company trying to flog some useless product in the hope of getting in a few more pink pounds

    It’s sad Stonewall are splitting the LGBT community in this way in order to achieve their own selfish agenda. It’s about time someone stood up to these thugs so good luck to all those people who are making the effort to protest their activities on Thursday!

    This one from earlier in the year caught my eye…:

    “Stonewall opens bids for exclusive prizes”

    Stonewall’s annual silent auction has been unveiled to the public, with a number of unique, money can’t buy lots on offer for 2008.

    This year’s fabulous prize list includes gifts donated from a number of celebrities and VIPs, including a chance to be a VIP guest to the stars of Strictly Come Dancing (pictured below); an afternoon in the studio with BBC Radio 2’s Paul Gambacinni followed by a three course meal; snowboarding lessons for four with the UK’s number one snowboarder, Jo Chastney; the chance to be named as a character in the new novel by acclaimed crime writer, Val McDermid and a framed, signed copy of k.d.lang’s new album ‘Watershed,’ along with a complete set of her entire back catalogue (see photo below).

    Unusual experiences you can bid for include the opportunity for four people to enjoy VIP treatment at the gala opening of the Take That musical, Never Forget, with tickets to the star-studded post-show party thrown in; a private tour for four around the Tate Modern led by your own curator, including lunch; a chance to listen to principal conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra, Valery Gergiev, conduct Mahler, and a day for two people on an exclusive boat at the Eurogay Sailing Cup, along with tickets to the famous evening reception party.

    Stonewall Events Manager Michaela Greene says: ‘These prizes would make the perfect gift for someone you want to really treat for a special occasion. The unique experiences are available to a number of guests, so why not get together with your mates and split your bid between you? A great way to get the prize for less, but still enjoy the fantastic experience.’

    Christopher Biggins, celebrity auctioneer at Stonewall’s Equality Dinner, said: ‘Stonewall’s silent auction includes some fantastic prizes – I might even place a bid myself! It’s a great way to buy something totally unique, whilst raising money for an important cause at the same time.’”

  2. The Masked Avenger says:

    Far from the first time a well-known LGBT organisation/charity has sent out its entire mailing list to everyone due to incompetence.

    Dunkan Maclean of George House Trust did it in July 2006:

    Makes you wonder how some of these people get the job in the first place doesn’t it? 🙂

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