Sex Wars: Attack of the Clone Zone

Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the bunker we find ourselves on the bring of yet another Pink Pound war.

Following on from our recent article “Gay Dating Wars” we have stumbled upon an emerging row between two of the UK’s largest gay retailers.

The use of the word “Exclusive!” in the title of the story the Pink Paper (owned by the dark lord Prowler group) suggests they are relying on sources that may stem from gossip, rumour and pure speculation. The emphasis on this particular story is interesting as there is a clear motive behind it’s publication, and Clone Zone have quite fairly bashed back.

Decent Journalists and those who know some of the basics of media headline creation will see red when they read phrase “an anonymous member of the public” – tried and tested classic way of deceiving people into thinking the facts have been investigated and the anonymity is because what they are saying is true but want to protect their identity. Even so, it’s also a media excuse for making things up.

As it happens, the Pink Paper’s publishers Millivres Prowler Group are among the list of those owed significant amount of money which the Pink Paper estimate totals at least of £500,000 (according to an unnamed “insider”). Although most people in the same position as Millivres Prowler Group are right to be annoyed at not being paid but don’t be fooled into thinking this is news. The Pink Paper’s report on Clone Zone is nothing but a cleverly constructed case of commercial smear.

On the recently revamped Pink Paper website they recently introduced a commenting feature. Since it was launched it is rarely used, either few people are commenting on their articles or they are choosing to exercise some level of editorial control over public feedback so it is again surprising to see a flood of vicious comments making a range of plain nasty statements about the individuals involved.

The most obvious example of “self-trolling” in order to support the article is this one:

“use your pink pound elsewhere now – shop at prowler and any other decent trading company”

The weekly readers poll in the same issue, also run via the Pink Paper’s website apparently posted by “anonymous”  the day before the paper’s regular weekly publication date asks:

“Should directors whose firms go bust be allowed to run a business again?” – “If your bosses made your company go bust and made you redundant in the process, should they be allowed to side-step into another directorial role?”

You’d expect a “registered newspaper” to have more than 16 people voting in a poll nearly a week after it was created. This could be due to the fact that the relatively poor volume of traffic the site receives compared to it’s biggest rivals which are relatively small operations, many of them non-profit or social-enterprises run by one or two people from home.

In an unepected twist, those who have a clear interest in this particular fight have stepped into the ring and stood up for Clone Zone and have pledged to publish an official statement from the former directors. Manchester based charity the Lesbian and Gay Foundation who also publish a monthly regional gay health and lifestyle magazine “OutNorthWest” have today placed an article on their website under the headline “Clone Zone Bosses Upset at Pink Paper Headline“.

It should be noted that the LGF provide content to the Pink Paper but also rely on significant advertising revenue from Clone Zone. The LGF seem to be attempting to juggle a conflict of neutrality and may be attempting to balance the fuss or perhaps they are making a moral objection to Millivres Prowler’s bully-boy reporting around the situation of a business that has it’s roots in the same community they do.

Previous issues of OutNorthWest have seen several advert placements plugging the adult retailer over the years, the magazine’s editor claims they rely entirely on advertising revenue in order to produce the publication which has a readership of over 60,000. This month (February 2009) contains no advertising for Clone Zone. Although one advert for their more profitable arm “H20 Sauna” remains.

Gossip is an essential part of any community, it allows us to communicate and allows us to inquire about the status of our peers with our peers. The LGF may be quite right in giving so much space on it’s website to a story which airs the dirty laundry of two major players in the country’s gay business community despite this having implications on their own future.

Perhaps the LGF may now consider extending that same opportunity to the wider community, instead of giving so much airspace to rich sponsors even if they vanish tomorrow.

Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.
– Mohandas Gandhi

GayMafiaWatch asks…

To the Editor of the Pink Paper:
Are you so naive to think the public won’t see right through this story you’ve obviously generated to serve the direct financial interests of your parent company? What do you say to Clone Zone’s response that your article about that is unfair and upsetting?

To the Directors of Clone Zone:
What do you think about your alleged creditors using one of their national gay publications as a way of attacking you? and will you continue to stock the (free) weekly Pink Paper as a result? do you feel the change in the formulation of poppers and their resulting unpopularity due to new legislation have contributed to Clone Zone’s problems?

To the Lesbian and Gay Foundation:
Will the new owners of Clone Zone honor existing advertising deals made with yourselves? they appear to have removed all their adverts in your latest issue of OutNorthWest so what impact will this have on the magazine’s future? oh and one last question, who’s your daddy?

You! – tell us what you think, post your comments below:


4 Responses to Sex Wars: Attack of the Clone Zone

  1. Insider says:

    very true about the false stories in the pink paper. you can see why they are pissed off though but if they had it their way they would be the only gay company around and everyone would shop at prowler and buy the gay times and diva!

    the “poor old lgf” have chopped their magazine in half and are now only doing six issues a year, so its no longer a monthly publication. furthermore they are saying it will be “editor led”? wtf is all that about?!

  2. […] to be available online. Only a few months later the company (which also owns Prowler stores) used the Pink Paper to attack rival sex-shop firm Clone Zone (which owed them £100’s thousands in unpaid […]

  3. Popups_cockups says:

    I expected it to go bust after i, for a short time commenting in there, actually story i heard about on twitter, basically out and out lies and was damaging to the innocent person, it was just miserable, no involvment by it’s readers, and the journo’s were shocking in there attitude, relying on gossip, lies whatever, they seemed to be going headlong into getting emmerdale actor the sack for homophobic comments, I had a look and disgusted with what i found, there was no journalism went into the story, soap actor abuses gay guy, i posted and posted on there and followed pink paper on twitter, i also followed adam thomas on there, they were out for him, based on obvious lies,i was fully behind him (although have never spoken to him) just so wrong persecuting innocent soap actor, he never said any such thing, i been on recieving end of his type, go to any lengths, i hit back and hard, challenging their disgusting morals, same on twitter, it was wrong, destroy someone and it’s obvious lies, and to be honest i am ashamed of gay culture, its low, but it is, gay culture is one type, the loudest bitchiest queens, any other type is rejected, i know i was, i suffered 2 years of nasty bitching, they are bastards, gay culture is tainted, it’s so sad now that amongst the kids, the saying is, that’s so gay, means trashy naff. i agree, paper full of bitchin underhanded useless hateful bitches, Don’t bring it back until proper media people are running it.

  4. Jonnie Tallworts says:

    Those Prowler Porn Awards are so obviously rigged, fixed, fake too.

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