Pink Paper goes BUST!.. again

EXCLUSIVE: Flagship Gay Mafia Gutter Rag Sinks

GayMafiaWatch can exclusively reveal, after a troubled 20 year history the UK’s only national “gay newspaper” (The Pink Paper) has gone bust.

The last ever issue will be out in time for London Pride.

This is not the first time the publication has folded. It has struggled to stay afloat over the past ten years having eventually reverted to a fortnightly tabloid broadsheet. Despite claims by the paper’s owners Millivres Prowler Group that the company is suffering from a loss in advertising revenues like much of the media sector, GayMafiaWatch believes that is only part of the story. Last year the company dropped top shelf-gay mens mag AXM explaining it would continue to be available online. Only a few months later the company (which also owns Prowler storesused the Pink Paper to attack rival sex-shop firm Clone Zone (which owed them £100’s thousands in unpaid bills).

Last Thursday (18th June 2009) we called the Advertising desk at the Pink Paper to find out the next copy deadline – to which we were told would be 4th July. The following day a source at the distribution company that delivers the publication all over the country told us they had not received any orders to distribute the title outside of London for the next issue – confirming the news.

Farewell Pink Paper. You have served us well over the years, even if in the end you will be remembered as just another slain soldier in the ongoing pink pound war.


3 Responses to Pink Paper goes BUST!.. again

  1. ACT+UP+LONDON + + + + + + says:

    The PinkPaper refused to publish.Crusaid had used Charity Money to pay off and silence its 2004 denied the community a voice for years ignored all the warnings from a Police.Panel Member that their gay pals were running bankrupt aids charity.UKC into the ground Censoring the news and denying the disabled a.voice 🙂

  2. ACT+UP+LONDON + + + + + + says:

    So superior was the editor of The Pink Paper they refused to publish a Police Panel Member had Crusaids return to work staff copying them in on their “termination of contract emails” to Crusaid or Crusaid threatened a Police Panel Member with a High Court Injunction then ran away Well done for refusing people a.voice.if they sucked up to bsnkrupt aids charity UKC till it was too late to save

  3. ACT UP LONDON says:

    Good riddance to The Pink Paper and it editor refused to give the disabled a voice and covered up all the aids charity scandals published a letter from CEO of bankrupt corrupt aids charity UKC about the sector not suffering from inertia” before it collapsed into financial destitution loool No one will miss you
    as you refused people living with hiv a voice instead suking up to the crap your gay pals fed you in the aids charity sector what a mug ! ! ! @

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