Whilst we’re in hiding…

Gay Mafia Watch is BACK!

gay mafia watch returns

Throughout 2010 we’ll be bringing you more scandals, truth seeking exposes, under-cover investigations and our regular brand of close-to-the-bone cheeky opinions plus secret filming and a few other new surprises.

You’ll either be begging for more or begging for us to stop!

Don’t listen to the rumours of our demise, they are lies! These fabricated stories are nothing but wishful thinking from those who we’ve been a right-royal pain in the behind to for over three years now.

Here’s a little taster of some our upcoming articles we’re working on over the next few months:

Gay Rumour Mill
When your main objective is to seek the truth, it’s a good idea to find out what the lies are too. Of course no good investigation can ignore the rumours that often give a story that little bit of edge, here on Gay Mafia Watch we only report about 10% of what we actually know. It takes a while for us to confirm the facts, and sometimes those facts are hard to prove – when we’re sure enough we’ll report what we’ve heard anyway but that’s why we’re starting a dedicated rumour mill section so we can seperate the facts from the fiction and we intend to have a  bit of light hearted, speculative fun in the process without upsetting too many people.

When the CEO went on a Hypnosis Course…
Why are the heads of Britain’s biggest, most influencial corporate gay charities and companies so eager to learn powers of subliminal persuasion? We investigate the unethical practice of using some very real, and potentially powerful “mind control” powers on the public which is becoming a bit of a trend. We will reveal the truth behind the cleverly designed Positive and Negative campaign which certain corrupt AIDS charities have taken inspiration from to deploy a rather clever magic trick in order to coherse the public into a heightened emotional state using flash-bulbs, pyrotechnics and mass-chanting and in turn more willing to hand over the cash to these barrons.

Those Gays after tomorrow…
Sooner or later (probably sooner) those head henchmen of Britain’s pink elite will start thinking about loading the yacht full of bolly and retiring to a quiet part of rural Ireland or for the more exciting sort who still want to let their hair down (since they still have some) somewhere in Marbella where the party people still get good pills. But who fills their boots? Here at Gay Mafia Watch we don’t just have a fondness for the deviations of certain white gay men in their 40s, we’ll be doing some  profiling of the younger members of our community already well on their way to becoming gay mafia barons (with a bond theme of course).

Whatever happened to…. Chris Morris
Some of our previous contributors are no longer with us, we reckon they’ve been paid off, bumped off or drugged and in most cases subjected to a technique called NLP – we’ll be exploring how this “Neuro Linguistic Programming” is currently being used by marketing companies to manipulate populations and we’ll be going into some detail about how the Gay Mafia are deploying it right under your noses for their own devious ends, or simply to shut you up when you ask too many questions without you even realising it.

Russia’s Gay Mafia Underworld
We’ve been soviet-side to meet some of the world’s most dangerous business people just in case you were under the illusion we’d already told you about them. Including tales from a new generation of monolithic Casinos employing pre-teen gay sex-slaves on the edge of the arctic circle, a counterfeit condom factory spinning out poor quality jonnies destined for the UK’s gay scene and the ex-pats on the run from British intellegence swigging whole tanker loads of vodka somewhere beneath the streets of St Petersbough.

If you’d like to contribute drop us a line gaymafiawatch@gmail.com


19 Responses to Whilst we’re in hiding…

  1. Priscilla Prestwich says:

    Just when toads thought it was safe to creep out from under their stones. Until then, some other news reaches us…

    * Councillor tells Pride crowd ‘I am Labour’

    MANCHESTER councillor Paul Foulweather took to the stage at the closing HiNRG vigil at Manchester Pride and told thousands of stunned party-goers: ‘I am Labour.’

    Coun. Foulweather, who represents Harping-on-and-on, told them: ‘We have to beat the stigma and the nonsense surrounding this. I and many other Labour people have experienced rejection and even hostility from within the gay community, as well as support.’

    But Foulweather also spoke about how things have changed in the past two decades. He recalled the 1980’s when, as a volunteer on Manchester’s gay switchboard, people would regularly call up and scream personal abuse at him down the telephone. These days it was different, he said. As they were able to text and email their hateful comments to him.

    * Councillor Carnage calls for fence

    MANCHESTER councillor Pat Carnage has called for a fence to built in the city’s gay village.

    Coun. Carnage, who represents a total waste of time and money, says that too many people have been falling out of gay bars lately. ‘This is a tragedy for the giant profits of Manchester’s businesses,’ he said. ‘It may be necessary to erect a fence, or maybe even a net to prevent this’.

    Carnage, who for many years played the role of Ena Sharples in the popular Grandad TV soap ‘Coronation Chicken Street’ has offered the hairnet that he used to wear on his head in the part. It is is believed this net would be large enough to stretch from Minshull Street to Princes Street.

  2. Chris says:

    You might be interested in this: http://dizzythinks.net/2009/08/first-secretary-of-state-and-photos.html

    Chris Morris, Peter Mandelson, NLP and Gay Porn. All brought to you by the man who forced the lowering of the age of consent for gay sex in the UK who then went on to make his money from teenage gay pornography. The same man that worked for Mandelson, the same man who promotes NLP in the UK, the same man who married Chas Newkey Burden, the legend who writes his own book reviews on amazon.com.

    Gentlemen, we present to you Chris Morris…


  3. Mohinder says:

    I have seen Morris online and a friend of mine was banned from his site for asking a question. He also is known as a bully with his NLP cronies

  4. Jamie Dee says:

    Chris Morris’s NLP company, NLPConnections Ltd was struck off from Companies House in 2009 for failure to submit the legal documents. A number of courses that were advertised by NLPConnections Ltd, including an “advanced master practitioner” track in NLP with a number of celebrity NLP trainers was cancelled due to a noticable lack of interest.

    Ironic really, now the boy is offering success coaching for a mere two and a half grand. See: http://www.becomingbrighter.com for details and sign up.

  5. Ben Arneld says:

    Chris Morris is a true Walter Mitty figure and having failed as “a political activist” he has tried to embrace NLP, but has upset many personalities along the way.

    Rumors of legal action abound and a least one tabloid is interested in the Mandy Morris connection. One NLP trainer is especially upset about having phone calls recorded and is taking matters into her own hands in 2010 to curtail the Chris Morris spin and fury

  6. Chaz says:

    The internet is littered with Chris Morris (ex activist) statements. He recently decided to take up the crusade for the Middle East in between hypnotizing clients for fifteen hundred pounds per day. There really is one born every minute

  7. Chris says:

    NLP Life Training, the company that hosts key NLP trainings in the UK with whom Morris associates has filed for insolvency at Companies House. Possibly they should have attended one of Chris Morris’s success coaching courses.

    There is so much hype about the “power of NLP” both by NLP devotees themselves as well as conspiracy theorists, but the reality is that “NLP” is unlikely to wield any power to change or conspire about anything. NLP devotees themselves cannot even stay solvent, so it seems.

  8. Chaz says:

    Apparently in just 18 months they owe almost 250k to the tax man

  9. Pink Tank says:

    Neuro Linguistic Programming?

    Fancy rhetoric for Brain Washing disguised as empathetic counselling, and expect to pay through the nose for it. No wonder the more devious gay mafia types are using it to programme the public for the own agendas.

    In defence of Chris Morris, he’s probably been a victim of NLP himself

    Wasn’t it he who set Gay Mafia Watch up after all? He finds out too much then all of a sudden he “retires from gay activism” – funny that.

  10. Leslie says:

    He certainly is an nlp victim and now fully paid up member promoting NLP wherever he can. The Mandelson connection won’t go away and hacks are gathering to dig for missing information on this matter. Many nlp types have found Chris’s activism and antics too much to bear and just like the Stonewall days have departed him to reamian at a safer distance

  11. Mike says:

    With the Pink Paper going bust again it seems that many gay associated businesses are not as financially viable as they could be. Chris Morris’s companies all seem to be in trouble and the main NLP training company as reported here owes a huge amount to the tax man. With an election due soon it’s doubtful if the old left wing guard will be able to “help out” and inevitably there will be a reckoning at some point

  12. Adrian says:

    Chris Morris does seem to be having financial problems, see below companies house poposal to dissolve his last company – nlp connections already struck off

    Name & Registered Office:
    GU11 1JG
    Company No. 05553687

    Status: Active – Proposal to Strike off
    Date of Incorporation: 05/09/2005

    Country of Origin: United Kingdom

    Company Type: Private Limited Company
    Nature of Business (SIC(03)):
    9304 – Physical well-being activities

    Accounting Reference Date: 30/09
    Last Accounts Made Up To: 30/09/2007 (TOTAL EXEMPTION SMALL)
    Next Accounts Due: 30/07/2009 OVERDUE
    Last Return Made Up To: 03/10/2008
    Next Return Due: 03/10/2009 OVERDUE

  13. Judy says:

    The success suggested is a massive exageration as is the supposed history in politics. NLP appears the refuge of the insecure and imature.

  14. Tina says:

    Take a look at this for the Chris Morris Mandelson connetion


  15. Dusty says:

    So NLP Connections Limited went bust. That doesn’t say much for the viability of NLP as a commercial interest, and even less so for those political observers who fail to notice that NLP fails to live up to the hype, yet these amateur conspiracy theorists seem to like that NLP conveys some kind of strange power. It fails the most basic of tests. Commercial viability.

    What is interesting though is the number of gay persons who are proponents of this dubious newage (rhymes with sewage) theory. Surely it would be better for equality of gays when gays themselves stop looking for strange powers in things such as NLP (and magick, also common to gay men, but curiously not so much lesbians) thus doing anything but creating normalization of the gay community at large.

    And what about Morris’ financial interest in teenage gay pornography via his company 4D Media. He took on the UK government for equal rights, or for commercial profit? Undoubtedly for the former, but does this excuse the sexual exploitation of young men for commercial gain by the man who supposedly seeks freedom and fair representation of the gay community?

  16. Alan says:

    Not for no reason did Stonwall call Chris Morris “Tory Boy” Having been “under the guiding hand of Mandelson” he has proclaimed himself Middle East envoy, part time “success coach” and mass phobia hypnotist curing 50 or more high flyers in one go. Truly he must be “the chosen one” although for what exactly remains unclear as of now. With the election looming it appears Lord Gnome is taking an interest in the conections, more soon

  17. Gay Mafia Watch has now published the article about Chris Morris.

    Some of the comments above are from the same poster under different I.P addresses, it’s hard to tell if they are genuine. Hopefully the man himself can set the record straight – and there is a link to his own interpretation of events in the following article “Whatever happened to Chris Morris?”.


  18. Jo Waters says:

    Interesting that will an election looming the Chris Morris clean up operation is in full flow

  19. Simone Bester says:

    Morris seems to advocate this NLP approach while at the same time slating it at every opportunity. Now he has decided he is a happiness coach, but still promotes NLP. Confusing or what?

    Chris Morris comments on

    On Richard Bandler and Master Trainers

    “When I decided to stop training with Richard, back last Spring, was when I saw the new generation of master trainers in action at the Amsterdam training. Master trainers? They each did about ten minutes and most were very poor. It was embarrassing. If those are the best of the best – the cream of the field – then it doesn’t say much for Richard’s teaching. So with that in mind, and other things too of course, I decided there wasn’t much to hang around for.”

    Chris Morris comments on
    On Bandler

    I think Richard’s approach to changework is rather paternal and patronising.

    I think everything that Richard Bandler has ‘invented’ is offered with more wisdom in its original form…

    Richard is a master at smearing people. And often it’s not so subtle.

    Chris Morris comments on
    On assistant NLP trainers: “Look around at the back of training rooms and see the legions of dumb fucks who are trying to climb a ladder made out of smoke and mirrors.

    Chris Morris comments on
    On Jonathan Altfeld NLP Trainer: “The problem with Jonathan is all the huffing and the puffing. He’s desperate to be seen as one of the top trainers. His posts are dense with 1st/2nd-order presuppositions that are meant to make you think he’s really good and successful and influential, and if those presuppositions are ever challenged – even indirectly – then he goes nuclear.”

    Chris Morris comments on
    On Steve Andreas NLP Trainer: “At least Eric has stayed sharp as the years have rolled on. You’re getting sloppy Steve. At least that’s how it seems to me.”

    Chris Morris comments on
    On NLP

    I am wary of what’s presented as NLP these days.

    It’s like a cancerous tumor has grown out of a healthy brain. And that’s why it feels like a dirty field to me

    Chris Morris comments on
    On John LaValle NLP Trainer

    I was disillusioned on my first master prac course. John La Valle was doing his usual schtick about “brain juice” and frankly I thought it was a rip off to charge people hundreds of pounds per day to learn about neurology (neuro linguistic programming) and then pitch it at a level that would patronise an eight year old. But the real issue came when he announced with gusto that our brains process one word at a time “the – dog – ran – down – the – street” and he looped this in with his squiggle on the flipchart (“this is your brain”) and his mention of “neuro-trance-mitters”.

    Chris Morris comments on
    Richard Bandler CO Creator of NLP –

    He knows the game he’s playing these days, and it’s a clever game – for him. He doesn’t have many clever students though, have you noticed?

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