The Old Boys Network

Thanks to an anonymous tipster in-the-know who we’ll call ‘Jake’,  GayMafiaWatch has seen a list of the UK’s richest LGBT charities, the salaries of their directors and the various business interests they are connected to. This list was was left behind in a conference room following from a secret meeting of the directors of Britain’s most influential and well-funded Lesbian and Gay organisations.


This closed group meets regularly in London and is known in the sector as the ‘Chief Execs’ network. An invite-only ‘old boys club’ of around 25 mostly middle-class white gay businessmen, a bit like the Freemasons! (we are not saying they are of course) but there’s a whiff.

Subjects up for discussion include how to poach public sector contracts from failing local authorities, sharing information about their competitors with a view to de-stabilise them by infiltrating their boards of trustees and lodging numerous complaints to the charity commission and their funders.

If you’re a smaller LGBT voluntary organisation, struggling to survive in today’s economic hardship and wondering why all your funding, volunteers and ideas are being hovered up and where they are going – here’s a bit of a clue!

So when is a charity, not a charity?

“Any organisation registered as a charity with the Charity Commission that derives more than 10% of its income, or which receives more than £1 million, from the state. ” according to which lists several members of the Chief Executives old boys club including Stonewall as “Fake Charities“.

These organisations are particularly well-placed to take opportunistic advantage of the Conservative ideological nightmare that is “The Big Society”. Many of those behind these organisations (not all) happily stand idle whilst front-line services in the public sector are smashed with a political wrecking ball, ready to leech of the ruins to prop up their own privately-managed monopolies.

This is NOT the voluntary sector in action, this is not community empowerment – it is the PRIVATE sector, with all it’s might going in to full swing wearing new clothes. This is unaccountable, profit-driven privatisation of what was once charity.



4 Responses to The Old Boys Network

  1. tomdaylight says:

    Actually it’s neither, when that much taxpayer funding goes in, it’s the public sector. It’s virtually a quango. It’s not what the Big Society is about either; that’s about empowering local communities to make decisions for themselves, not about plunging even more money into charities that don’t need it (and while charities would play a role in that I don’t see how Stonewall would fit in; particularly given Cameron’s decrying of “state multiculturalism”).

    The real question is, would the government dare cut Stonewall off at the balls when it knows that if they do an unstoppable torrent of accusations of homophobia will be unleashed on them? It’s not like they don’t want to stop taxpayers’ money propping up an overpromoted Labour councillor…

  2. popups_cockups says:

    Thank god for gay mafia watch, it’s needed to have a critical voice for a long time, the misconception that the gay world is all united and inclusive,open arms, welcoming and trusting is bollocks there’s many including myself whose voice isn’t heard and is excluded from gay world, because being gay isn’t the be all and end all of my life, it’s a part of me, and it’s very very cliky, elements of it are so corrupt, yet to speak out is to be anti gay, if you don’t fit the loudest single voice of the gay scene you are excluded. Gay mafia watch -if anything is more truly gay than the gay scene itself. excellent they exist.

  3. David G says:

    What a load of old tosh! I have read some rubbish in my time but this really takes the biscuit. Wrong information, badly written and with no attempt at any form of constructive outcome.

    The LGBT Chief Executives Network is just what it says on the tin. A network of CEO’s from the larger LGBT voluntary sector groups in the UK. For too long many LGBT organisations were working on their own doing exactly the same thing as other LGBT organisations in nearby towns and cities. It was time to get together and look at ways of working together so LGBT local communities could get better services. The network promotes better partnership and coordinated ways of working which in turn will benefit local communities.

    It is not nor has it ever been a closed group that plots the downfall of smaller LGBT voluntary groups. If the author of this article (and I use the work author very loosely)thinks there is an issue with a group of middle class white men getting together then please do something meaningful to get the demographics of LGBT vol orgs changed. I would support that – we need more diversity. But please dont make spurious and stupid insinuations about people and groups trying to make a difference. Come out of your paranoid and fear fuled world and get real. Activism needs to happen throughout our community. We need to engage with many different people and organisations. We should all be supported to do our thing. The passive agressive outpourings that often appear on this blog dont achieve anything.

  4. ACT+UP+LONDON says:

    The rich gay tory boys running Crusaid used thousands of charity money to gag and silence 2004 but that was still not enough they then threatened a Police Panel Member with a High Court Injuntion quickly claiming it was long closed a few days later the gay press declined to comment

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