Gay Mafia Watch editors RELEASED from prison in Moscow

The two original founders and former editors of “Gay Mafia Watch” have at last had their appeal for a short jail-term accepted, on the grounds they would  surrender their dual Russian/British/Irish citizenship and retract content of the 2011 documentary “Cold War Love” produced whilst working freelance for an independent Russian newspaper.  

The film. which was about to have it’s first public screening at an auditorium outside Moscow will never be finished. Prosecutors claim the film was “morally damaging” to Russia’s sovereignty, pride , national security and made “numerous unfounded allegations surrounding President Vladimir Putin‘s sexuality “and claims he has a history of abusing young children whilst working as a KGB agent. Many of these claims have been repeated in the world’s media in the years since our friends were thrown into the Burtka Prison, and some before- with the notable inclusion of the rumors surrounding the motives for the assassination of former spy  Alexander Litvinenko in 2006

It is also worth noting – the ministerial but remarkable timing of the deaths of three people (now adults) who spoke in the film, who made these claims within weeks of the crew meeting with them. Another contributor may have escaped the same fate if she hadn’t emigrated to Canada 9 years ago, but as we know with the case of others – the Kremlin’s reach is far,  both in distance and holding a long held-grudge.

We are not willing to name our friends Mr A and Mr B which have been locked up without much of trial. Russian Prison System’s are some of the most horrifying and dilapidated in the modern world, in particular the Butyrka Prison where up to 100 inmates and put into cells designed for 10 people, rats run in swarms, there is no clean water and the prisoners are regularly beaten and sexually assaulted by other inmates and guards.


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