Blow the Whistle!

If you have information regarding sinister, corrupt or shady goings-on past, present or that are planned for the future then get in touch.

We already know that tactics and dealings used by many money making/raising bodies in the LGBT Community are questionable and need to be uncovered.

We are particularly interested in hearing from former staff, volunteers, board members, etc of large companies and organisations who are taking the LGBT community and the public in general for a ride…

Post your experiences in the comment box below.


36 Responses to Blow the Whistle!

  1. John says:


    I have recently been suspended from an e-group following my criticism of a therapist who said ‘ If one is in a relationship where one gets beaten and abused then a sauna or dungeon is probably a much safer place’.

    Shortly after I disagreed with this post the moderator sent me private messages asking me to apologize for expressing my legitimate concerns and accused me of verbally attacking individuals. I was told that I would be suspended if I did not say sorry to one individual in particular even though I wasn’t given the details of the complaint – I was forced into a corner and had to leave the group. Both the moderator and the therapist expressing their interests in S & M. The person who made the complaint against me expressing his views that saunas can play a constructive role in creating a safer sex culture. Even health promoters can bully LGBT people so it’s important to stand up to them and tell your story.

    The worry is that THT are introducing over 18’s to the hardcore scenes
    as depicted in the link. THT engage with youth at this stage so it’s
    very easy for crossover to hardcore drug user scenes with the info THT
    market as gay lifestyle.

    I think THT promotes cruising grounds / sauna’s / s & m much more than
    general sexual physical or emotional health. The focus is on the place
    to have sex. As regards support for victims of rape or assault the
    site below is an example of an initiative with a message board.
    Adverts with police recommendations about crime hot-spots, statistics
    would let people see what they are really risking. Reasons for taking
    these risks knowing the facts is another issue.

    • PeteB says:

      The main problem with THT, over the years, is that they have a tendency to consider themselves as being the only credible voice of sexual health awareness programs & matters surrounding HIV in the UK.

      Where I disagree with the author of your article is in comments about ‘introducing’ young guys to certain clubs/scenes on what maybe described as the fringes of the mainstream gay scene.

      Surely, it is more to assist people by giving them legitimate information, whether this be for clubs, cruising or whatever, provided that this is balanced with any relevant safety alerts/measures as well. As to the individual’s personal interests etc, why make it any more difficult to explore your own sexuality & likes than it already is (even today)if you happen to be gay ? Don’t just pretend that certain scenes simply don’t exist – THEY DO (so be responsible).

  2. Jim says:

    Maybe GayMafiaWatch can follow this up by asking club rags QX and Boys why they promoted the THT’s new sleaze web site to their under 25 readership, itself coming hot on the heals of Play Zone – THT’s latest attempt to legitimise underground sex clubs and saunas where the kind of extreme sex acts glorified in Hardcell are most likely to be practised? Anyone 18 year olds for a spot of scat, saline or asphyxiation?

  3. Andrew says:

    This site has got the ‘LadsLads abuse of its users’ issue completely wrong. I used LadsLads until recently, and am also on fitlads & gaydar. I’ve had nothing at all to do with the facebook group. I’ve seen from 1st-hand experience how LadsLads can’t be trusted – I can assure you there’s no vendetta.

    There’s nothing sinister about anyone’s activities apart from Damien’s & LadsLads’. I think it’s important for this site to keep an open mind, and be more balanced, than at the moment. The view of the site seems to be that everything’s sinister and corrupt. It’s got things way out of proportion.

    • Steve G says:

      There are strange goings-on on the Ladslads chatsite.

      For example, a site user has to upload a selfpic onto the site in order to be able to post blogs on the site.
      But as soon as the “upload pic” page is accessed the sites software does a covert search of the whole of the users computer.

      Users are also obliged to give ladslads full access to their e mail account by handing-over their e mail address and password to ladslads, before they can use the sites messaging system.

      Effectively, this gives lasdslads a facility to “listen & watch” at any time when the person is chatting or using webcam on their MSN.

      It is NOT sinister – It’s downright CREEPY!

  4. Andrew says:

    The site should think very carefully before giving a voice to Pinkpasty. He’s been in prison for certain matters which involved underage boys. As a result, he’s bitter towards the entire justice system, and also the gay organisations which have declined to support him (because it would reflect badly on them).

    Pinkpasty makes totally unfounded claims against the police, such as making unlogged visits, even saying there have been many witnesses. This has been dismissed by the IPCC because there weren’t ANY witnesses – but the way you’ve worded things makes it clear that you’ve just believed everything he said.

    This isn’t good journalism. If you want this site to have credibility, it’s vital to check things out.

  5. Hank Wilson says:

    Wilton and Swindon Men’s Sexual Health website links to poppers industry promo site.
    In the resource section on Drugs links to which debunks published research and promotes poppers as hazardless. has attempted to centralize published research about poppers.

  6. Hank, you might be interested to know GayMafiaWatch has been investigating the issue of poppers and their connection to the gay scene and gay health charities for some time now and the full report is now online here:

  7. Paul Morris says:

    In one of Treasure Island’s latest film, LIAM COLE, the new British director of ‘Bad Influence’ wanks off in the face of anyone concerned with reducing HIV transmission.

    Here’s an excerpt from the description of the video…

    18-year old submissive TOMMY HAINE came to LIAM wanting to be used on camera. He was spectacular to look at and longed to get rawfucked and seeded. The only trouble was that he’s incredibly camera shy.

    So LIAM decided to take the boy to a serious hypnotherapist. He instructed the hypnotist to plant slutty ideas in TOMMY’S suggestible young mind: namely to give him an uncontrollable compulsion to take loads on camera from any cock anytime.

    Here is TOMMY being interviewed by LIAM about his experience and the joys of being filled with cum on the Treasure Island blog:

    And here is TOMMY’s co-star CARL JACOBS encouraging viewers to get out there and do it for themselves:

  8. John says:

    I continue to be haunted by my past avocation as an aids dissident. I still don’t know what to believe after being HIV+ since January of 1986. I just learned of the sudden death of Christine Maggiore and don’t know what to think about that either. I do believe that the pharmacutical companies are raping the system with their overpriced medications that may not be necessary in the first place. Now they are trying to say that anyone with a cd4 below 500 should start meds in order to increase their sales. My cd4 hovered around 500 for about 18 years and was actually 853 this last August when I wasn’t taking any meds at all. I have also been told by doctors that had I taken AZT over 18 years ago when it was first prescribed to me I’d be dead today. Here is a website with the most current newsfeed on AIDS dissident viewpoints and news that otherwise goes uncovered by the mainstream press.

  9. Hi John,

    Thanks for your message informing us of the sad news we have lost Christine Maggiore. Here at Gay Mafia Watch we are very interested in exploring the AIDS dissident movement and have already provided a much needed platform and will continue to do so. Much of what you’ve said about AZT and misleading information from doctors around CD4 counts is most definitely something that needs challenging but with the loss of such a critical activist such as Christine it’s important we stay strong and fight til the end.

    Was Christine murdered? no she was assassinated.

    More details here:

  10. Four known gay Male Suicides in Cornwall in 2008, several more known attempted gay male suicides in Cornwall….some with police homophobic involvement

    1,200+ official complaints made AGAINST Devon & Cornwall constabulary, but almost a quarter of these not investigated, finalised or just completely IGNORED! Many from the LGBT community

    These videos give a ‘tip of the iceberg’ insight into Cornwall Police thinking AGAINST gay people!

    CORNWALL POLICE ….They Kill queers….Don’t they?

  11. A member of Exeter University have made a complaint to the Charities Commission (not before time) against the pseudo LGBT Intercom Trust in Devon.

    See article:-

    Intercom tend to conduct themselves like some sort of evangelical Exgay ring in their abuse of lgbt who do not conform.

    Knowing personally how abusive, ostracising & isolating the Intercom Trust is towards some gay persons, like gay youth, let us hope Intercom now lose their charitable status.

  12. Government funded “Intercom Trust” attack upon respected homocentric artwork of Henry Scott Tuke

    See Pink Pasty warning article:-

    The stance of the Intercom Trust, which also abused & neglected a former homeless gay youh is of grave concern. See youths video on his own youtube channel:-

  13. Brian Carter says:

    Dear Gay Mafia Watch,

    I for one am very glad you are very interested in exploring the AIDS dissident movement.

    I manage a large message board, where like minded people can discuss and participate in current news and views. Please join us! Thanks.

    Brian Carter
    Co-facilitator Peer Support Los Angeles

  14. Sadun Kal says:

    >”Was Christine murdered? no she was assassinated.”

    Dear Gay Mafia Watch,

    Do you know something that isn’t publicly available about Christine Maggiore’s death? I was already familiar with the link you gave, but it doesn’t say that she was “assassinated”. Why are you so sure that she was? Or can it be that you didn’t mean it that literally? Like she died to stress caused by the AIDS establishment maybe..? Can you please explain what you meant by that so that nobody gets confused?

  15. Sadun Kal says:

    I meant:

    Like she died DUE to stress caused by the AIDS establishment maybe..?

  16. It is quite possible her death was part of an organised attempt to silence her. We’ve come to this conclusion naturally by looking at the questionable facts surrounding her death, as have many others.

    Details are available on “Letters to the Empire” in an article titled “AIDS establishment kills Christine Maggiore”. It contains an email from Christine herself composed a week before her death in which she states “Regarding my health, I finally figured out what’s going on…but it got really scary. Here’s the scoop I just sent a friend: I have been through the absolute worst health nightmare ever”.

    Read the full article here:

    Additionally in statements (not those issued by her family or friends) in the news a doctor claiming to be her own (who we believe is in actual fact an agent of the Pharmaceutical Companies or the Federal Government) states that she would still be alive if she had taken Antiretroviral therapy. Although you’ll find reports from other doctors who claim those who had infact commenced AZT and other treatments proven to be toxic when they were first offered to her she would have been dead many years ago.

    History has shown very real evidence (often admitted once the truth has come out years later) of how organisations such as the CIA act in order to stamp out dissent or “terror”. It’s conceivable Christine Maggiore could have been classed as what is now known as a “terrorist” – a threat to national security.

  17. Sadun Kal says:

    I don’t think that a doctor who states that drugs would have saved her life is necessarily an agent; it would be enough if he/she is just a biased ignorant sheep.

    I also don’t think that it is impossible for her to be somehow deliberately harmed by some powers -that was the first thing that I thought when I first heard about it-, but I think there is too little evidence to seriously discuss such possibilities.

    The letter you cite only mentions how she had some unexpected trouble with her health, but Christine’s explanation is that it was because of her radical cleansing thing. So I don’t know really… I think that her death can be explained without any need for a conspiracy (neither agents nor an invisible constantly mutating virus). Everyday, many people die in many different ways after all…

  18. John says:

    Sadun, you are only 22 years old and have not witnessed what I’ve witnessed. There is definitely a sinister conspiracy at the top and they are fully capable of bio-terrorism and assassination. I know you don’t like to think that people in a civilized society are capable of such attrocities, but I assure you history paints a different picture. Every generation has it’s oppressors and factions that are guilty of genocide. So, please don’t minimize what’s really going on in the HIV=AIDS pseudoscience world war. Thank you.

  19. Sadun Kal says:

    Capability is one thing, action is another. We shouldn’t assume that all that is possible must really be happening. We can make guesses, but I don’t think it’s right to speak with certainty.

  20. Anon says:

    Talking about blowing the whistle – when are we going to hear something about the result of the employment tribunal involving the LGF?

  21. Hello Anon,

    GayMafiaWatch has been following this case very closely.

    On Friday we called the press office of the Employment Tribunals Service in London and gave them the relevant case numbers associated with the current case against the Lesbian and Gay Foundation.

    We were told that the case has now been fully heard and the judge has been given time to deliberate and return a verdict. This could take anywhere between one week and several months.

    Paul Martin – one of the defendants and also Chief Executive of the Lesbian and Gay Foundation didn’t appear in court face to face with the claimants and instead sent his barrister.

    GayMafiaWatch also spoke to a key witness who we will not name but they did tell a friend “much more might yet come of this than a tribunal verdict”. If anyone cares to speculate what that could mean and what repercussions this will have on this less than honest organisation please feel free to comment further.

  22. Cornish Liberal Democrat MP Andrew George & 15yr old Gay Boy

    A true story of a Cornish Liberal Democrat Member of British Parliament… and Peter Midwood, a previously homeless 15yr old Cornish gay youth

    May 13th 2009 The Daily Telegraph newspaper revealed British MP’s EXPLOITING TAXPAYERS THROUGH MP’s EXPENCE CLAIMS

    Please watch the video

    Daily Telegraph front page exposed how Andrew George, Liberal Democrat MP for St. Ives (in Cornwall, UK), claims £847 per month from UK taxpayers for mortgage interest payments for his luxury London riverside flat

    …yet in 2005 Andrew George would not assist a homeless 15yr old boy, a child who was living rough on the streets of Helston, Cornwall. His parents abandoned Peter, moving 400 miles away

    Cornwall UK recognised as the poorest economic region in the UK with the lowest rates of pay & high unemployment

    …yet Mr George would not assist a homeless 15yr old child in Helston, Cornwall. Refusing to assist Peter get an independent Ombudsman enquiry

    Mr George’s London luxury flat said primarily used by his daughter & the insurance policy is in her name

    …yet Mr George would not assist a homeless 15yr old child in Helston, Cornwall. Ignoring letters written to Mr George by Peter himself.

    Andrew George’s expense claims reveal how MP’s are able to exploit the MP system to obtain properties from which their families benefit

    …yet Mr George would not assist a homeless 15yr old child in Helston, Cornwall, but went to the same school which homophobically abused young Peter

    Andrew George MP in 2006 using his privileged MP’s 2nd home allowance, he claimed back £1,898 for furnishings which were I fact delivered to his other property in Cornwall

    …yet Mr George would not assist a homeless 15yr old child in Helston, Cornwall, but did nothing about refusal of statutory assistance to Peter

    However, Andrew George MP, stayed in London at hotels. Eventually buying a flat (used by his daughter) and made a claim for £3,999 for furniture & soft fittings. The figure reduced by the Parliamentary fees office

    …yet Mr George would not assist a homeless 15yr old child in Helston, Cornwall, who was sleeping on a sofa of a voluntary support team member

    Mr George COMPLAINED bitterly and made a further additional claim for £538 for a futon

    …yet Mr George would not assist a homeless 15yr old child in Helston, Cornwall. Turning his back on GLBT people abused & violated by embedded Cornish Institutional homophobia

    In 2007-08 Andrew George MP billed the British taxpayer for a further £1,343.81 for household goods & redecoration

    …yet Mr George would not assist a homeless 15yr old child in Helston, Cornwall

    Andrew George MP has left an unapologetic whingeing response to the Daily Telegraph exposure of British MP’s exploiting the expenses system

    Peter Midwood, the former homeless youth will be 20yrs old this year (2009). He will NEVER vote for Liberal Democrat MP Andrew George nor will the public who DID help young Peter

    Not that will concern Liberal Democrat Andrew George MP… probably to busy filling in expense claim forms… than help Cornish constituents like young Peter

    The tragedy. I am a Liberal Democrat…but I will never vote for Andrew George MP for St. Ives & Helston, who ignored the plight of Peter & the Institutional Homophobia in Cornwall’s Authorities

    To see Peter’s own video search “Gay Youth Homophobia” on youtube

    The Daily Telegraph…
    for exposing those British MP’s with their snouts in the pig trough!

  23. Nandie says:

    I am very concerned about finding out that Planos London positive directors are actively promoting unprotected sex in their private lives, sponsored by millions of pounds and links with Isle of wight and South Africa dungeons. Please explore this issues in main stream media.

  24. Anon says:

    You were right about the Pink Paper being used by Millivres to attack their rival Clone Zone. The Editor Tris Reid-Smith is the chairmans, Chris Graham Bell’s, puppet, a real yes-man. They worked closely together to show Clone Zone in the worst light and the publication is virtually a brochure of Prowler products. It has no independency at all. The shocking thing is that Graham-Bell has now made Tris the new Editor of the Gay Times (Yes, the Pink Paper has gone bust, losing money hand over fist and is being dropped by the company) so look out for the Gay Times being the new brochure of Prowler products

  25. Cornwall Police ADMIT in writing false rape allegation against gay man! >> 17:26 30 Jul 2009

    Yesterday Devon & Cornwall Constabulary finally ADMITTED in writing that a serious arrestable offence allegation made against a gay man in Cornwall


    DC 5882 Parker of Camborne CID also confirmed in a telephone conversation today
    30th July 2009, that police still wished to question further the person who made
    the serious false allegation against a gay man in Cornwall.

    However, the false accuser has subsequently failed to attend a police station on a number of occasions. (The false accuser formerly of Cornwall & now thought may be living in Leeds). However just 30 seconds on the internet established that the FALSE ACCUSER was still living in Cornwall & is actually a member of Cornwall police diversity officer PC S Cannon’s LGBT youth group & Cornwall Pride!

    Basically, Cornwall police could not be f*cking bothered to find the false accuser as the victim of the serious false allegation is only a f*cking poof, so Cornwall police really do not give a sg*t he has attempted suicide due both too Cornwall gay organisations & police attacks upoon him, physical attacks upon his home & threats, etc. etc.

    The IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) are now examining complaint regarding this & other prior police incidents towards the gay male victim going back to 2004. Elizabeth Pollard Case Officer IPCC

    The gay man who police now acknowledged was ‘falsely accused’ has been subjected to violent assault, attacks upon his home & has even been targeted & victimised by some elements of the Cornwall gay population, not least LGBT-PACT, Healthy Gay Cornwall, Cornwall Pride & CIOS Diversity of Devon & Cornwall Constabulary.

    (Not to mention attacked by the LGBT Intercom Trust in Devon, which recently condemned the iconic male art work of Henry Scott Tuke)

    Most noteably & not least, refusal of Healthy Gay Cornwall to assist the falsely accused gay male victim as a gay suicide attempt victim, refusal by LGBT-PACT to assist him as a victim of a crime and exclusion as a gay person from last years
    Cornwall PRIDE due to his complaints regarding continuing homophobic police misconduct!

    Despite the gay victim of the false allegation having provided information to Devon & Cornwall Constabulary.
    (1) regarding the presence of three eyewitnesses & other related witness
    (2) that there was DNA physical evidence to the false nature of the allegation &
    (3) there were recorded & documented text messages from the false accuser
    ADMITTING it was a false allegation.

    However according to the senior investigating officer DC Parker, this information was never passed onto him from Devon & Cornwall Constabulary HQ.

    Although the information was widely posted on the internet, & provided to various police officers & members of the gay community organisations, however
    Cornwall police claim ignorance that they did not know about it.

    The arrested falsely accused victim, an ‘out’ gay man was the only male arrested amongst five male persons all equally taking part in lawful & legal homosexual
    activity in a private home. However police ONLY arrested one person, the ‘out’ gay person whom they have previously & relentlessly targeted since 2004!

    The arrest which took place just days prior to the 2007 LGBT Cornwall Beach day of which the arrested gay male was Chair. The gay community event put in serious risk of cancelation, contary to the misleading & inaccurate information put out
    by a Devon & Cornwall diversity officer to the gay media.

    THe successful 2007 Cornwall Pride Beach day steering group, made up of lesbians, gay men & gay youth, disbanded following the event out of genuine
    concerns & fears of yet further Cornwall police reprisals.

    The gay male victim of this false allegation attempted suicide as a direct result of the false allegation made & subsequent police abuse & gay community abuse. This abuse compounded by the total lack of support by Cornwall’s LGBT organisations & CIOS Diversity who repeatedly completely refused assistance to the gay victim of false allegations since 2004.

    However, the gay victim of the false allegation despite having been informed the case is now recorded as a ‘no crime’, urges gay people to treat ALL the police in Cornwall with the utmost suspicion & caution due to continuing prejudicial attitudes & practise operative & protected within the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary, including within the so-called diversity unit.

    The gay victim of the deeply traumatic false allegation would like to publicly thank those lesbians, gay men & bisexual persons, neighbours & family who have continued to support him throughout this ordeal, which started with homophobic
    police motivated abuse by DC Woods & DC Scott in 2004 and has been continued relentlessly by Cornwall police ever since.

    Now perhaps police may re-examine previous false & malicious allegation made against gay persons in Cornwall along with the FORTY EIGHT defence witness statements suppressed by Cornwall police in another FALSE ALLEGATION & the misconduct of Cornwall police officers homophobic involvement.

    UK Police have a L-O-N-G way to go before they deserve the trust of LGBT persons

  26. Anon says:

    The recently appointed editor of GT magazine has been paying a freelancer £3,000 in a month – over double what full-time members of staff are earning. And yes, you guessed it, that freelancer is the editor’s boyfriend.

  27. dan says:

    all i have read about the gay mafia is true ,i have been a target of them since i was a child . they are abusers of children and men . they seem to have a network spanning across europe and usa. they also drug the abused if they complaine . i thaught it was the free masons who were targeting me,but realise there are no freemason lisbians .i live in wales and i think from my experiance here it seems to be a haven for the corrupt perverted gay men and women from the uk and europe.

  28. Paul says:

    I am a gay man formerly employed by one of the largest Gay and Lesbian Centers in the nation and I was wrongfully terminated after complaining of under age gay youth being targeted with ostensible safe sex messages that were actually sexual indoctrination.
    In particular there was a live, so called safe sex fist fucking demonstration conducted by a master who clinically demonstrated on his slave who was in a sling with a bottle of poppers in his nose. When I protested that this was not appropriate for underage youth to attend, I was labeled as a prude who would be the cause of these youth getting HIV from unsafe fist fucking. My arguments that fist fucking and poppers were learned behavior that they were teaching fell on deaf ears.
    I sued this agency for wrongful termination, and they mounted an extremely expensive legal battle against me, with the self professed goal of crushing me financially. I was ultimately victorious in the legal battle, however the animosity by supporters of this agency continue to this day.

  29. Lared harris says:

    Over in the U.S its too much homo hatred we are human being an some of us have the respect to not to cross boundaries .. I just want homosexuals to get the respect an honor they deserve . /\/\/\/\..Im from Atlanta an I have lot personality an style anan love $$$ ..just need to feel like its possible to do great things

  30. Konstantine Choo says:

    Wow, lot’s of whistle blown, but even more needed to safe the younger generation from msguided and corrupted. In Malaysia the biggest LGBT NGO is Pink Triangle or better known as PT Foundation. They have been playing a significant role in issue related to the LGBT community in Malaysia. HIV testing and HIV Cocktail are among the issue they are promoting. Regular meet-up and councilling sessions are held at Hospital’s Infectious Disease Unit to discuss problems faced by “HIV+” and also drug addicts. They have uploaded video clips on youtube but they never allow comment or video respond to be created pertaining to rethinking AIDS. Yet most people will turn to them for “help” or “information” when they’ve got a “positive” HIV test result. What a scam.

  31. Lindsey says:

    I feel i have been descriminated against by the Lesbian and Gay Foundation in manchester. I was given a perminant ban from both the womens groups at the LGF for telling jokes in the group and for claiming to be a satanist! When i was banned by samantha i was told that i did not need the group. I think it is not right that she gets to decide like that, and to make a perminant decision that i dont need the group and am never gonna need the group is misconduct in my opinion. Well it just happens that due to funding cuts other groups in manchester have closed, and that is the only social group for gay women left. I was not given the ban in writing, and i was not allowed to put my side of the story accross, the decision was made without asking my side of things.

  32. Uncle M says:

    Manchester Pride has been telling people they need a wristband to go to Pride. That is a lie. The closure orders do not restrict any pedestrian wishing to exercise the right of way to cross through the site and the event organisers are instructed to facilitate such movement as requested

  33. ACT+UP+LONDON + + + + + + says:

    Crusaidused thousands of pounds to pay off staff and police panel memberin 2004 and gagged them with a compromise agreement – hush money
    for more info
    AidsCharity UKC denied people a voice while covering up the loss of £150,000
    on the 2005 hero awards.finally revealed in Privatee Eye Mag in 2007

  34. pinkpasty says:


    Witness testimony as submitted by a gay adult survivor to statutory CSA inquiry set up by Home Secretary Theresa May.

    It concerns a historic paedophile ring operating (1960’s-1970). Reported to Devon & Cornwall police since 1987, but ignored. Worse the adult gay CSA Survivor subjected to decades of ridicule, threats, bullying, intimidation, persecution & homophobic misconduct & criminality instigated &/or carried out by police.

    This victimisation & abuse compounded by LGBT groups (ie; Intercom Trust, Cornwall Pride, Healthy Gay Cornwall, LGBTpact, Rainbow Source FM, )

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