Fight Back

Trevor Ruth, leader of the Gay Mafia Watch talks about the “bigger picture” and what part the gay mafia plays on the global stage.

“In my ten years researching the gay mafia I have come to the conclusion that what we discuss here on Gay Mafia Watch is just one part of a much bigger, more frightening agenda to control the world’s population.”

Are you read to hear the awful truth?

AIDS – the new holocaust, is just one project designed to eliminate the global population. Led by former Nazi’s these people will stop at nothing to achieve their long term aims. The gay mafia have been hired as drones in this war on humanity, many of the gay mafia henchmen don’t even know the truth themselves, and sooner or later they too will fall victim to this horrendous plan.

Find out more about how AIDS is a plot to control the population. It’s not simply a bio-weapon or a lab made virus. AIDS is a a project that uses fear, stigma, poverty, war and social engineering for a common purpose.

I’ll be writing more soon, but in the mean time if you wish to find out more why not go and find out what David Icke has to say, and keep on searching for the truth – it’s out there and these secrets are not covered up, they are real.

What can the LGBT community do to stop it?

In our own communities, LGBT people have the power to prevent the puppets of the very real “Gay Mafia” from carrying out the orders of their masters higher-up.

We need to create our media, ignore and turn our backs on the messages and deceitful advertising they perpetuate.

We need totake back our charities and community groups and centres, reclaim our spaces and take then out of local govenment control and back into the hands of the people who use them.

We need to educate our peers, families and friends and open their eyes to what’s really going on.

We need to unite and stand up to politicians who try to silence our dissent and mistrust.


3 Responses to Fight Back

  1. Scallydandan says:

    For the record I want to express my full support of this posting.

    It covers a lot of ground in the post, which readers can expand upon themselves. I would just add that something that is very important for people to get wise to and quickly because it’s happening everyday at the moment and the effects will leapfrog AIDS in number of fatalities is Codex Alimentarius. Why don’t you know about it? Because thats what they want.

    This is public information and it is mass ‘nutricide’ using pharmaceuticals and food as a weapon to kill off 90% of the worlds population as the Illuminati believe that the planet is overpopulated even though there is enough for everybody. As for the comment re the Nazi, after the Second World War America got the major Nazi scientists, smuggled out with the assistance of the Vatican, where most of them took up refuge in South America, George Bush’s grandfather, Prescott Bush was a funder of Hitler, and there is evidence to suggest that the Nazi party was an experiment by the Illuminati to advance their mind control technologies (see The Rise of the Fourth Reich by Jim Marrs).

    The information is out there for people who choose to be open minded and do their research and switch off what they believe in propaganda and in the media, the same people control the media as control politicians as control the pharmaceutical industry, and it is not to benefit you.

    We need to stop co-operating in our own enslavement.

    The last remaining Zulu Shaman; Credo Mutwa is trying to let people know about an indigenous treatment for AIDS that he has been using, and he wants to make this available to the world. So please spread the word, talk about these things, pass them to friends and demand that the charities and organisations that are supposed to represent you investigate them too.

    With love xxx

  2. R Bowhay-Merritt says:

    Re Your article :- LGF Scam (So where has all the money gone?)
    Firstly can I say how horrified I am to read such inaccurate information on your website. I have read with much interest in the past your comments and ex posses. Believing them to be accurate and with at least a modicum of truth therein. I have known Mr Jones (one of the Village Photographers ) for over twenty years and during that time have personally experienced the shire volume of voluntary work he has put into a community that he is greatly involved with. He has provided voluntarily not only his time in the village taking the images but an equal if not greater amount of time at home ensuring they are only of the best quality. Jones has always attended any additional events requested to promote all facets of our community as a whole. I might add at much cost to himself. So you can imagine my dismay to read such a flawed and inaccurate article. I would encourage all readers to be highly critical of the information detailed within articles on your site.

    I quote “So what is “Exposure” – it’s nothing but a false group run by those who also run pride in order to pursue their own interests.” This is a blatant untruth and would not be surprised to hear liable. Not to mention the loss to our community if we were to loose the very valuable asset provided free of charge by Mr Jones.

    I would go on to ask the question So what is this website for? You say “We are an anonymous, independent and impartial group of observers who felt the need for there to be a “watchdog” asking questions and raising standards within the LGBT Media sector.
    In response to this with regards to Mr Jones you are failing on ever level in your statement. I would go further and say you should print a retraction of the inaccuracies in your article and print an apology to Mr Jones.

    Mr Richard Bowhay-Merritt

  3. tom says:

    lets bring in a law against these perverts and do an Alan Turing on them!

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