An increasing number of groups and individuals continue to distance themselves from the London-based self-styled gay rights lobby group Stonewall. Feeling ignored, bullied and stabbed in the back, the wider LGBT community have turned away from the privately-funded campaign group and have been showing unrelenting resistance to Stonewall’s attempts to hijack and subvert real issues faced by LGBT and Queer people all over Britain.

Stonewall and the Illuminati
What links the UK’s most criticised and most respected gay group to the Illuminati? a global secret society of powerful individuals – or at least a part of it.
You’ve Beanz Had!
At the London Pride march this year, Stonewall faced embarrassing jeers and heckles from transgender rights activists opposed to Stonewall’s lack of inclusion. The group’s entry also appears to have been supported by, if not financially sponsored by Heinz’s biggest global competitor – Premier Foods.
Equality for Sale
If you’ve got the money and the nerve, you can now buy yourself an equality badge courtesy of Stonewall. more detailed information on the dirty dealings going between some of Britain’s Biggest Companies and the corrupt gay and lesbian rights group.
Stonewall’s “Adversity” Champions
Intolerant multinationals, local government and even the police listed as “Stonewall Diversity Champions” are also listed as financial donors to Stonewall, bringing into question the overall credibility of the awards.

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