About Gay Mafia Watch

It’s about time the LGBT community had a devil’s advocate questioning the banquet products and the lifestyle we are increasingly being sold. Is it all as good as it smells?

There’s a darker, seedy underworld emerging that’s hell-bent on getting as many pink pounds as they can legally extort from us in as many creative and attractive ways possible. Say hello to GAY GREED.

So who are “they?”

Britain’s Gay Mafia is made up of an elite class of businessmen, entrepreneurs and politicians in cahoots with Multinational Corporations and dodgy underground figures. The Gay Mafia as a term has many historic and contemporary connotations but the mafia-style, aggressive culture of the gay scene, the media and even a number of corrupt non-profit bodies is more visible than ever.

Who’s behind “Gay Mafia Watch”

We are an anonymous, independent and impartial group of observers who felt the need for there to be a “watchdog” asking questions and raising standards within the LGBT Media sector.

Rest assured, no stone will be left unturned in our mission to OUT and EXPOSE – The Gay Mafia.

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15 Responses to About Gay Mafia Watch

  1. Paul Clifton says:

    You guys should take a look at an article on the above site:


    …which exposes the AIDS industry for the money grubbers they really are, in cahoots with government and Big Pharma to maximise profits from the sale of AIDS drugs based on a business plan that explains why rates of HIV infection are being allowed to soar thanks to the so-called AIDS “charities” who are systematically failing in their duty to prevent the spread of the virus. Frightening!

  2. Rob says:

    I am relieved to hear that The Pink Paper has decided not to publish THT’s hardcell website.

    I have recently found myself being bullied for expressing my concerns about this S & M site reaching lgbt youth through an e-group called ( LGBTHEALTHUK )

    My concerns were that THT who engage with teenagers some below the age of consent are enabling LGBT youth to crossover to hard-core drug n’ S & M scenes with the information THT in partnership with others market as gay lifestyle.

    The Director of Pink Therapy stated online that – If one is in a relationship where one gets beaten and abused then a sauna or dungeon is probably a much safer place……this was shocking and deeply offensive and an insult to anyone who has ever been the victim of domestic violence.

    As a result of expressing legitimate concerns I came under attack by the moderator, a therapist and the one other person who I believe to be a health promotion officer. I received private messages asking me to apologize or I would be removed from the group. I was given a deadline for an apology. Comments were made about my judgment. I was bullied for not knowing enough about S & M by the therapist while the moderator took the opportunity to talk about the S & M course that he had been on in America.

    I think cruising grounds / sauna’s / S & M are promoted excessively – much more than
    general sexual physical or emotional health. The focus is on the place
    to have sex and the types of sex you can explore – on drugs if that’s your choice.

    I have been suspended from LGBTHEALTHUK someone needs to check these guys out.

    There is a charity called Witness – WITNESS is the professional boundaries charity. WITNESS aims to promote safe boundaries between professionals and the public. They do this by providing a range of services for professionals and the public and by working to improve public protection through policy and influencing work. There website is http://www.popan.org.uk/ It’s really important that people stand up to bullies.

  3. igorcant says:

    Everyone is susceptible to exploitation.
    Everyone is susceptible to bullying.

    No one deserves it.

    Good luck.

  4. “We are an anonymous, independent and impartial group of observers who felt the need for there to be a “watchdog” asking questions and raising standards within the LGBT Media sector”

    Good god. You are a bunch of ill informed rumour mongers who wouldn’t know the right end of the stick if it poked you.

    If you want your opinion to matter, try not being anonymous? Because how do the rest of us know who you are, who you are affiliated with and what your own agendas are otherwise?

    In other words, put up or shut up, because right now you’re just as bad as the people you claim to deplore.

  5. Rob says:



  6. Angie says:

    Well, you don’t sound impartial to me and I’d be far less critical of your lofty aims if you revealed your identities. Anyone can hide behind anonymity and slur whoever they like without any fear of being asked to prove what they say. This site just appears to be an soap box for dolly throwers. Bit sad really.

  7. Angie, you raise a very valid point. However it is important to remember that anyone who contributes to GayMafiaWatch may have valid reasons for wishing to remain anonymous so the truth can be known. Being open about their identity may have severe consequences for many people who also work within the gay community and will be targeted for blowing the whistle. At some point various contributors will be in a position to reveal themselves so hopefully you will be more open to considering our arguments at a later date?

  8. Why is it whenever Paul Clifton, Gary Leigh and all their mates appear anywhere, it’s to piggyback on someone else’s issue to promote their site? Seriously, boys – you are too transparent for words…

  9. To be fair quite a lot of the issues raised by Life or Meth are issues that have also been uncovered and discussed on GayMafiaWatch. We obviously can’t comment about their appearance on other people’s sites but they are welcome to express their point of view on here just as anyone else is. Great site by the way, Death or Meth! Very clever.

  10. You might want to check out this site which explains how rich gays (e.g. Tristan) exploit other gays for money and power.

  11. Victor L. Mans says:

    How do I become “Gay Mafioso”? Also,in the US there’s actually a “Black Gay Mafia” based in Miami,FL and they appear to be as ruthless like Al Capone.

  12. UnDuped says:

    Been interesting if you could come clean about what your politics are.
    Right-wing antigay?
    Your links included Chas Newkey-Burden a Zionist who on his blog talks about his admiration for the Daily mail’s Melanie Phillips.
    Tory boy Chris Morris, now involved in some dodgy NLP crap.
    And Mark Simpson…

    • Popups_cockups says:

      Politics these day’s is not as simple as left or right, and to be honest to say left or right does it mean that you would agree with everything your side does and says.

      I personally can’t i am left or right, i agree with policy’s from both sides, and disagree, problem is gay community has sided with the left wing, any other politics is discounted, considered extreme, it’s short sighted, stupid, and self defeating,

      So it seems the reason you want to know their politics is so that you yourself can judge them based on just that, you already suspect them of being right-wing antigay, I don’t know what their politics are, but does it matter, it’s whether they do the right thing or not, raising uncomfortable question’s isn’t right-wing or antigay, if anything it is more progay than the organisation’s it question’s the gay community/culture is dying as it stand’s it’s unwilling to move with the times, we are at the point where being gay isn’t any different to being straight, normalisation i think it’s called gay lads are not getting involved with gay community any more.

      I don’t find it tOo alien, I barely know any other people now, place i live no need to shout out i am gay, it just is, me my mate/partner live openly and who we are, if anything people like the fact we are who we are. but i am not camp/queenie type gay, a guy who is gay, a man first, and yet i am more gay than most(love men) but excluded from gay culture, Gay Mafia Watch, is needed they speak of things i have also seen and experienced.

      Now you also mentioned Mark Simpson, perfect example of the arrogance, prejudice and superior attitude generally held, I have recently been blocked from his blog and shown outright prejudice and class discrimination, whilst out and out lies on his blog at me, i even emailed him letting him know how i felt and unjust and intimading and prejudice and how upset i really did feel and could we sort it out, what he did was leave a comment after mine on his blog referring to the email trashing it and even accusing me of being abusive and threatning and more, so this is the generall attitude of gay culture, dismiss any different opinion and even throw wild accusations at them like Gay Mafia Watch and i get accused of, it’s very effective, despite it being lies and damaging very hurtful.

      Any comments i leave on blogs or anywhere are not in any way moralising, judgmental or teying to force my opinion, all they are, are my own opinions and feeling’s no offence to anyone is ever intended. thank you. So there i will end it.

  13. Dolly Thrower says:

    @unduped – we can all guess what your politics are too. Probably a Labour supporter who only believes in freedom of speech when it it is something pro-Labour. Anyone else must be denied a platform.

    The attempted smearing in your comment is a typical Labour characteristic too. Anyone who doesn’t have Labour monovision is clearly right-wing, BNP supporting and anti-gay. It is all to one extreme or the other.

    Whereas grown ups realise that opponents occasionally have worthwhile things to say and that reading about something or linking to it doesn’t automatically mean you agree with it.

  14. Paul says:

    Thank God for the Gay Mafia Watch! I was beginning to think I was the only gay man alarmed at the rampant exploitation in the gay community and especially of the younger generation by gay capitalist who have positioned themselves as the voice of the gay community but who really have ulterior motives based on personal financial gain. Particularly the gay porn industries indoctrination and despicable exploitation. What other multi-billion dollar industry in the USA can get away with not providing any benefits what so ever to its workers. It is the real shame of the gay community that we would allow their agenda to be proffered as the social and political voice for the rest of us.
    Keep up the good work, and please let me now how I can be more involved in what you do,

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