Stonewall and the Illuminati

Gay Mafia Worldwide - Stonewall, New Labour, the Democrats and the Gill Action Fund

In February 1999 former Stonewall activist and member of UK gay youth group “YouthSpeak” Chris Morris wrote an article in “New Statesman” called “Now Meet the Real Gay Mafia” – the article that first drew public attention to the activities of Stonewall and it’s associates who “make money out of keeping homosexuals in a ghetto”. Nearly ten years later, American gay mag “The Advocate” ran a cover story by Kerry Eleveld in July 2008 entitled “The Gay Goodfellas: The Real Gay Mafia“. She talked aboutan eerily similar plot in the United States described the gay mafia as “the most effective pro-gay political weapon you never heard of.”
The mysterious emblem of The Fabian Society – the people running Stonewall, and now most of Britain. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are both members. Ben Summerskill’s Grandmother other was one too, yet it boasts fewer than 6,000 members.

This stained glass window designed in 1910 by George Bernard Shaw commemorating Fabian Society members “building the new world”. It was unveiled by Tony Blair at the London School of Econmics in 2006.

Stonewall of the West” is a book written by Craig L. Symonds about the gay Freemason army general hailed as one of the key heroes of the American Civil War. He is also mentioned extensively in another book by Jonathan Katz – “Gay American History: Lesbians and Gay Men in the U.S.A” in which he talks about Cleburne’s sexuality.

During Pride London 2008 a select number of Stonewall UK staff called in at 10 Downing Street to meet Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Later that day the group led by  gay actor (Gandalf) Sir Ian McKellen were heckled by Transgendered rights activists in the crowds as well as the trans contingent within the parade itself in an organised protest with signs that read “Stonewall Was a Riot” and “Say No to Stonewall Transphobia”.
What links the UK’s most criticised and most respected gay group to the world’s biggest international conspiracy?

Information is beginning to be unearthed by a number of bloggers and gay activists linking the gay rights group Stonewall, who GayMafiaWatch believes runs the British “Gay Mafia” to the much speculated and often feared “Illuminati” – or at least a part of it. If you’ve never heard of the Illuminati before then go and find out, otherwise keep on reading….

As you will have heard, the more believable elements of the various outrageous Illuminati conspiracy theories relate to their relationship with various dubious groups and secret societies including the Freemasons.

So how is Stonewall’s thinking and inevitable practice connected to this exclusive and often rather secretive political group that merely describes itself these days as a political “think tank”?

Without mentioning the obvious “New World Order” connections to Stonewall due to its financial donors and board members who have their fingers in numerous big multinationals, there is a clearly identifiable political influence behind the organisation.

It appears Stonewall is a sub-project of a relatively unheard movement known as “Fabians” and their UK based branch “The Fabian Society” – a somewhat secretive, self righteous and almost impenetrable collective now running our country.

In the beginning the Fabians were more about exploring spiritual, rather than political, alternatives to capitalism until a woman called Annie Besant brought Freemasonry to England in 1902 and joined the Fabians tea party. Her involvement massively influenced the Fabians and has shaped the organisation into what they stand for today. Leon Trotsky later
described Fabianism as “an attempt to save capitalism from the working class”.

On hearing the name for the first time you might be forgiven for confusing the Fabians with some eccentric religious cult with Aliens at the heart of their ideology (thats the Raelians) however this group of Capitalist Socialists most people have never heard of represent one of the most powerful circles of people in the country – if not the world.

The facts and figures behind the theory

The Fabians were one of the original founding groups of the original Labour Party in 1900 and despite their obvious connection they still exist as a separate, antonymous body today. Members include Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Stephen Twigg, Peter Mandleson, and the current Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Stonewall’s Ben Summerskill has used his position as Chief Executive of Stonewall to speak at a number of Fabian events all over the world, and his Grandmother, a notable feminist the late Baroness Summerskill was a notable member of this elite group.

For an organisation with less than 6,000 members, the number of highly influential members signed up is unusual to say the least.

One prominent link between the Fabians is Tom Happold – Chair of the Young Fabians between 1996-1997. He is the editor of Guardian Unlimited, previously Deputy Editor of “Comment is free”, of which Ben Summerskill and Julie Bindel are regular contributors to. Controversially, Julie Bindel (a radical feminist known within the LGBT community who opposes the rights of transsexuals) has been nominated for a Stonewall Award along with countless Fabian members and people with connections to the Fabian Society. Fabians take their name from the Roman General Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus famous for keeping his enemies at bay not by fighting but by wearing down his army with “delaying tactics, endless maneuvering, and avoiding confrontation wherever possible”. Additionally Fabians believe in “gradual incremental change rather than revolutionary change” – is this sounding familiar?

The truth about Stonewall’s name…

It has often been asked “why would a British based Gay and Lesbian rights group choose to name itself after violent a riot against the police led by transsexuals?”

The gay liberation movement did not begin at the Stonewall Inn in New York as most people are led into believing, and many other groups exist and have been established in the United States that rather fairly use the name Stonewall. However the British group “Stonewall” takes it’s name from another source entirely…

It is a nod and a wink and possibly a peculiar masonic handshake to an Irish-born Major General of the British Army who served in the American Civil War. His name was Patrick Ronayne Cleburne, also known as “Stonewall of the West” and was granted the title over 100 years before the Stonewall Riots. Is this where the Stonewall Inn get’s it’s
name from? Either way there are undoubtibly a a number of connections.

Cleburne’s most historically notable and controversial act was a proposition to abolish slavery with the intention
of enlisting ex-slaves in the army to fight for the British. Cleburne’s hailed strategic manipulation of terrain, ability to hold ground where others failed, and his ability to use his smaller force to distract the movements of his enemies earned him the nickname.
In his later years, Cleburne delivered a keynote speech on the “Principles of the International Masonic Order” emphasising their belief in “
principles of the Masonic order, “Brotherly love, friendship, charity, and truth’…“. He was granted the title “Stonewall
of the West
” and as you may have guessed he
happened to be gay

Over a century later the great grandchildren of Cleburne’s generation inspired by his concept of recruiting an oppressed and exploited section of society to fight his battles by offering them emancipation unleashed the same concept
in the UK. Replicating his Masonic teachings combined with the ideology of the Fabian Society – “
thriving on capitalism but pushing communist ideals“. “Stonewall” was established in 1989 by influential Fabians in an attempt to get the Tories out of power and New Labour in. It worked.
To sum it all up… we have a gay rights group heavily influenced by and connected with what is effectively a branch of the Freemasons… and we have a decorated gay Freemason…with the same name doing with the gay community just what he is remembered for doing with former slaves.

What about Stonewall’s future?

Who knows if there are really dark forces at work at Stonewall, their real intentions may in fact be good but their means of achieving real change simply appear contradictory or confusing to the casual observer. In the mean time support for the gay rights group once loved by many appears to be waning, at least that’s the picture a Google search for blogs and social networking
discussing Stonewall’s recent work seems to paint. Stonewall has been charged with the crime of selling it’s own people down the river, on discovering “Bummer Sells Kin” is an anagram of “Ben Summerskill” we went searching for more, here’s what we found…. (with no disrespect intended)

Oh how we laughed! Although it’s not all that funny… The letters of Chief Executive Ben Summerskill’s name can be rearranged into a startling number of connected if not simply hilarious phrases. Have a look for yourself at the anagrams Summerskill’s name can be transformed into, why not post a comment if you find anything of interest? “Bum
Men’s Killers
”, “Bull Semen Smirk” and “Bell Miner’s Musk” also made us chuckle.

Member in Skulls?

Another curious anagram of the Gay Mafia figure’s name…. “The Skulls” was a film directed by Rob Cohen and released in 2000 based on a fictional “Secret elitist college fraternity organization called the Skulls” staring Joshua Jackson closely based on the real life “Skull & Bones;” society based at Yale University of which many influential world leaders and directors of multinational organisations
have been members of including George Bush. The film is underpinned by a subtle homo-erotic subtext. We recommend you read “
America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones” by Antony C. Sutton. Similar societies exist in the United Kingdom and membership involves similar Masonic customs and connections.

Whilst studying at Oxford University also attended by a number of individuals also named in this article including Ben Summerskill, the politician, businessman, scholar and Prime Minister of the British Cape Colony (South Africa) Cecil Rhodes became a Freemason. He was also a homosexual… Obviously GayMafiaWatch isn’t so naive to
believe this is anything but coincidence, however conspiracy mongering information like this will continue to spew it’s snake-eyed head at anyone in a position with the potential for it to be true allows it – Stonewall included unless they address the influx of criticism and sort out their image and attitude problem.

So what exactly is Stonewall today?

Whilst the ordinary Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered folk of Britain suffered for many under the Conservatives, we entrusted Stonewall with the responsibility of taking our rights forward. When their Fabian friends
led by Tony Blair came to power many thanks to our support in 1997 Stonewall kept a hold of that responsibility and are now firmly at one with the Government.

After going through a mountain of correspondence from a number of LGBT organisations and disenchanted members of the community addressed to the Mayor’s office (and previously shredded by Ken Livingstone) within weeks of being elected, Boris Johnson concluded for himself himself that a specially selected group chaired by Ben Summerskill was“not necessarily representative of the LGBT community” and so he dissolved the and ineffective unelected “Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Advisory Panel”.

If Labour loose the 2010 General Election, Stonewall could find themselves booted out of Downing Street along with their Fabian Mafia friends. Their cosy, secretive world as they know it could be about to come to an abrupt end,  unless of course Stonewall starts work on restoring the faith they’ve lost from the LGBT community at large they will soon need to ensure their continued survival.


13 Responses to Stonewall and the Illuminati

  1. Troll Doll says:

    scarily true, these LGBT Labour gangsters have hijacked everything, it’s time to fight back!

    great article!

  2. Arthur says:

    The connections between Stonewall, the Fabians, the Masons and Nu Labour are all too familiar. The nepotistic way they have capitalised on “equality” makes me sick to my stomach.

  3. Robert says:

    In your article, mention is made of the mysterious emblem of the Fabian Society featuring three figures. (second picture). However no mention is made of the shield depicted between the two men hammering on the Fabian Window,(third picture)possibly because it’s too small to discern. The shield has a representation of the Fabian Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  4. Sally says:

    Sadly we now have another bunch of Fabians in Westminster again using their tool of deception!

    Just because of their social attitudes, the Tories are part of the Progressive/Marxist establishment now. A change of leader won’t save them. They are doomed. They are SO on the wrong side of history. The Third Way, which is the LibLabCon’s method, isn’t about a golden medium between Methodist Socialism and Anglican Conservatism. It’s a path halfway between Fascism and Communism.

  5. Centurean2 says:

    Pinch yourself! A Tory Prime Minister is upholding the idea that traditional morality is bigotry- A Red Tory Mel!!

  6. james rock says:

    the Hate monger’s are out and about again:D…the web where would it be without a few “odd” self loathing “christian” S&m people ….bored with torturing themselves they seek an audience to play out their verbal hate to…why do these sociopath’s insist on “pretending” to be follower’s of Jesus?

  7. james rock says:

    after reading this & most of the replies I thought, it’s a Joke :D, then I re-read…and began to question, if however this is for Real(it can’t be,can it???) then this comes across as having been written by possibly a sociopath (the rather high level of manipulation & desire to control ) “backed” up with “facts” and the self control/Manipulation employed in keeping the anti-gay language not too abusive, simply mocking along with the little flourish of the possible suggestion that the author(s) are informed socially minded/insightful person(s) within the lgbtq communities(not the case)….I think this is a Joke page however if not…then the author at a guess is Sociopathic/possible gay/bisexual(however not all gay hater’s are closet cases) :)) however many gay haters display sociopathic trait’s even the border line(or more complex )sociopaths that sadly exist/are allowed to gain a powerful voice within the christian churches(shame on all Christian’s who allow thru fear or whatever reason for these Sociopathic & dangerous people to hold such power within the church!!) however I think the page is a joke…maybe sum under grad journalist/media student?…:D

  8. James rock are u thick? Gays are not being killed unlike black people where, gays have always had a vote, unlike black people. Many supported civil partnerships as Christianity is about justice, economically I am left wing, but apparently socially I am moderately right wing as the shift has been so far to the “fake left” that even being opposed to gay marriage is consider by some loonies to be an “expression of bigotry”. 2 things, it isn’t as 84 % of people in a recent poll said you can be against gay marriage without discriminating against gays and secondly as Ann Widicome says not one extra right is conferred by marriage over civil partnerships.

    As a black girl said, one who is fed up being compared to sinful non celibate gays (we are all sinners but most of us try not to sin), its very insulating to compare gay marriage to the struggles the black community had to go through.

    Also no one is stopping gays being together, if they want to show the world their commitment they already have civil partnerships and they can live together in peace. We may disapprove of their choices but we can’t stop them, however marriage is not a human right, its a divine gift, at least in the churches eyes and putting the alleged human rights issue of the gays above the human right to freedom of religion (which includes the sacred texts of any religion as an essential part of a given religion) is just not on.

    If you value equality you cant have some people being more equal than others. I.e. a tiny minority of gay militants (as separate from the wider body of that “community” ) having their “human right” trumping the genuine human right of others (Religious scripturally observant gays and nongays alike).

    Even if you think anyone, including children and animals, have a right to marry anyone else (a ridiculous view point but have seen moral relativists in FAVOUR OF THIS, and the sad spiteful pride filled think the rest of the world is deluded and not them…) so to do institutions have the right to object to and not perform practices they have continuous objection to, for a society that does not allow meaningful freedom of religion and conscientious objection can not be described as “free”.

  9. ACT+UP+LONDON says:

    crusaid gay run aids charity used thoussnds of pounds in 2004 to gag s PolicePanel Member paid them off to keep quiet by the rich gay tory boys runing the aids charity where very little of money raised went to people with hiv

    formore informationemail

  10. ACT+UP+LONDON says:

    Aids Charity UKC covered up losing £150,000 on its 2005 Hero Awards for two years until Private Eye Mag revealed the truth
    Gay journalist claims staff awarded £15,000 payrises
    + + + ACT UP LONDON + + + + +
    for info contact

  11. ACT+UP+LONDON + + + + + + says:

    People living with hiv/aids the clients of Bankrupt corrupt.London Aids Charity.UKC abandoned after charity colllapses.into financial destitution the charitys slogo was ” we care do you”- but when the money ran out so did the staff abandoning people living
    ACT UP LONDON -.transparent and.honest with the community

  12. ACT+UP+LONDON + + + + + + says:

    £75,000 rescue package announced to a fanfare in gay media for Bankrupt corrupt.aids charity UKC publisher of charity funded Mag Positive.Nation staff claim full of.”secrets and lies” used to cover up the truth
    Nobody can explain what happened to the £75,000 rescue package charity sector REFUSING to answer 😦

  13. ACT UP LONDON says:

    VIEW “Seeing Red Corrupt AIDS Charitys” – view the emails the rich gay tory boys used Aids Charity money to have destroyed and paid to ask silence staff as only rich gay tory boys can
    Laugh after Hiv/Aids Charity Sector announces its been “upfront honest and transparent”

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