Since GayMafiaWatch was born two years ago all our regular contributors have been very careful to back up claims and speculative reporting with an open yet cautious mind. It has never been our intention to be deceptive or divisive and we have politely shown those who have tried to use GayMafiaWatch for that purpose the door.

Feeling exploited, cheated or misrepresented on either side of the grass can be very distressful and it is understandable when emotions run high and discussion turns into debate and debate turns irate,  we intend to resolve those misconceptions, fears and doubts and diffuse that anger in a public space. We are all vulnerable to  becoming blinded by the dazzling glimmer that is the search for information that should be and could be publicly available in the first place, rendering the very purpose of GayMafiaWatch obsolete.

If you do feel we’ve unfairly covered an issue or any of the articles on this site could benefit with additional input then you have the opportunity to do so, but please consider responding appropriately as find responding to abuse and threats quite difficult and by providing feedback of that nature you will be further advocating the viewpoint you disagree with.

GayMafiaWatch will continue to provide a platform for those who share our aims and where possible we shall attempt to swiftly correct the most minor of factual inaccuracies whilst maintaining our ongoing search for credible answers.

If you would like us to consider making a correction to an article please get in touch.


One Response to Corrections

  1. Stonewall Equality for Sale: I absolutely agree. However, it is know for humans to be succeptible to corruption when the cash hits the roof! To get a “gay stamp of approval” will prob cost money.

    I completely agree, gay stamp of approval should be available to be granted just if you deposit cash into ones account.

    This has to be earned!

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